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Ajio fulfilment: How to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness
Order fulfilment

Ajio fulfilment: How to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Yukta Anand
October 17, 2022
mins read

Ajio is a top-rated destination for customers to shop for fashion and lifestyle products. Over the years, it has attracted customers with its diverse product categories, including authentic products from high-end brands.

Selling on marketplaces like Ajio can help ecommerce sellers tap into a wider customer base, but they have to do much more to increase sales and retain customers. Sellers have to ship orders quickly, ensure proper packaging and handle returns (if any) in a seamless manner.

Ajio sellers can successfully fulfil the above-mentioned requirements through efficient order fulfilment. However, finding a balance between fulfiling orders to ensure both speed and cost-effectiveness can be challenging for sellers.

Nevertheless, ecommerce brands can overcome this hurdle by implementing the right strategies or by partnering with the right 3PL (third-party logistics) provider.

In this blog, we will explore what is Ajio fulfilment, the importance of efficient Ajio fulfilment and the ways to do so.

What is Ajio fulfilment?

Ajio fulfilment refers to the process of fulfiling orders from Ajio, which includes steps like packing orders, shipping and delivering them. Let us have a deeper look at the process:

1. Receiving and storing inventory

The first step of Ajio order fulfilment is receiving inventory at an ecommerce warehouse, fulfilment centre or any other location. The inventory is stored there until orders are received and shipped to the customers.

2. Picking and packing orders

When an order is received, the respective items are picked and packed from the ecommerce warehouse.

3. Shipping and delivering orders

Packed orders are shipped to customers’ delivery locations. Ensuring fast shipping helps Ajio sellers delight their customers and increase customer loyalty.

4. Handling returns

Sometimes customers are dissatisfied with their purchases and wish to return them. Customers initiate returns on the marketplace, and brands then have to pick up returned items and bring them back to the warehouses.

Research shows that 73% of customers evaluate their overall returns experience to decide if they will purchase from a brand again.

Ajio is a top-rated shopping destination
Ajio is a top-rated shopping destination

Why is efficient Ajio fulfilment important?

Over the years, Ajio has grown to become popular for purchasing fashion products due to its ability to offer products of a diverse price range. As a result, selling on Ajio can help brands to boost ecommerce sales and increase profits.

However, listing and selling products on Ajio is just the first step. What is more important is that Ajio sellers efficiently fulfil orders seamlessly.

The various benefits of efficient order fulfilment are:

  1. Saves time through seamless fulfilment operations
  2. Ensures high order accuracy
  3. Drives down fulfilment costs
  4. Enhances customer experience
  5. Increases sales and customer loyalty

What are the options for Ajio fulfilment?

As mentioned above, efficiently fulfilling orders can benefit Ajio sellers, but how can you do so? Let’s look at the various ways to fulfil Ajio efficiently.

1. In-house fulfilment

In-house fulfilment is when ecommerce sellers handle the entire process of storing inventory, picking, packing, shipping orders and handling returns on their own. Ecommerce sellers do this from their houses, workplaces, or rented storage facilities. In-house fulfilment is usually suitable and beneficial for small businesses just starting out withs a low daily order volume to process. It can also be appropriate for Ajio brands selling custom products.

However, in-house order fulfilment has many hidden costs that raise overall fulfilment expenditure and cut into your profits. Moreover, numerous challenges are associated with it, such as inefficiency, lack of expertise, and storage space, making it difficult to implement.

Most importantly, ecommerce brands get overwhelmed by order management and lose focus on core functions like brand marketing and product development. Ajio sellers should carefully assess when in-house fulfilment is not working for them and accordingly make the switch to a 3PL provider for efficient order fulfilment.

2. Third-party fulfilment

Third-party fulfilment is when a 3PL (third-party logistics provider) handles a part or the entire order fulfilment process. A 3PL offers logistics services like warehousing, inventory management, shipping orders, managing returns and more.

Partnering with a 3PL has various benefits for Ajio sellers, such as

  • Efficient picking and packing
  • Expedited shipping
  • On-time order delivery
  • Automated order processing
  • Streamlined order management
  • Strict adherence to SLAs (Service Level Agreements)
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Superior customer experience

However, finding the right 3PL to partner with can be tricky, but you can still present some questions to help you find one. By partnering with a robust 3PL provider, Ajio sellers can provide a seamless shopping experience to their customers.

Third party fulfilment vs self-fulfilment

Superior Ajio fulfilment with Eshopbox

An end-to-end ecommerce logistics and fulfilment provider like Eshopbox can help ecommerce sellers efficiently fulfil Ajio orders. Let’s have a look at how Eshopbox helps you in unimaginable ways:

  • With Eshopbox 2-step integration, you can connect with Ajio quickly and sync data on products, inventory and orders.
  • Eshopbox follows SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure) and streamlined the pick and pack process to ship orders on time while adhering to SLAs.
  • Eshopbox ensures a 99.75% order accuracy by conducting multiple quality checks during the fulfilment process.
  • With Eshopbox, you can deliver Ajio orders in more than 29,000 pincodes in India while saving 45% on shipping costs.
  • Eshopbox updates inventory levels across multiple sales channels every 5 minutes to prevent overselling.
  • Eshopbox allows you to split inventory across its distributed network of fulfilment centres to provide same-day, next-day or express shipping.
  • Eshopbox helps deliver a superior customer experience through branded shipping, i.e. custom packaging and order tracking.
  • Eshopbox makes returns profitable for you by conducting a quality check on returned products, refurbishing them (if required) and restocking them to make inventory resellable again.
  • Eshopbox provides a powerful reporting tool, i.e. actionable dashboard for data-driven insights to steer your business in the right direction.
  • Eshopbox has simple, transparent and all-inclusive pricing with no hidden charges.

Storing our inventory in the Eshopbox network of fulfilment centres expanded our product reach to more customers across India, and in turn grow our Ajio sales without compromising on fulfilment standards.

-Dhanendra Rathore, Category lead- Ecommerce, Raymond

Summing up

Seamless Ajio fulfilment is a must for brands as it has a plethora of benefits for ecommerce brands. Efficiency is possible through in-house fulfilment or by outsourcing it to a 3PL. While each has its own benefits, robust 3PLs like Eshopbox provide superior order fulfilment and customer experience, giving you an edge over your competition while ensuring cost-effectiveness.

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