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5 excellent ways to delight customers with branded shipping
Customer Delight

5 excellent ways to delight customers with branded shipping

Yukta Anand
September 21, 2022
mins read

Ecommerce businesses have fewer chances to connect with customers compared to traditional brick-and-mortar stores. But, creating a brand connection is important since it can significantly increase customer loyalty and drive repeat purchases.

You must be wondering how to capitalise on these limited touch-points as an ecommerce brand. Well, one great way is branded shipping.

First impressions go a long way in influencing a brand’s image, value and reputation and branded shipping can help you make a lasting one. It creates a superior customer experience (CX) and retains customers by awing them.

Ecommerce sellers will be surprised to know that while packaging’s primary goal is to safeguard products, it is also a great marketing opportunity that they should not ignore. Even some small steps to enhance CX can impress customers.

Are you confused about how to wield branded shipping? Worry not; let’s uncover it together.

In this blog, you will learn about what branded shipping is, its benefits and the various strategies to provide branded shipping as an ecommerce brand.

What is branded shipping?

Branded shipping refers to adding various personalised elements to the shipping process which improves a customer's connection with a D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) brand. By adding branded elements, D2C brands create a connection with their customers.

Branded shipping includes packing orders in custom boxes, emphasising product presentation, as well as sending proactive notifications with order tracking details.

For instance, a bookseller adding a handwritten “Thank you” note and a free bookmark is an effective way to impress customers and help them connect better with the brand.

Research shows that a personalised shipping experience is preferred by 73% of customers.

Benefits of branded shipping

In the saturated ecommerce market, finding ways to stand out can be challenging. This is where branded shipping can help. By positively influencing a D2C brand’s reputation, it can attract customers and increase ecommerce sales. Let’s have a look at the multiple benefits of branded shipping:

1. Enhances brand reputation

Research shows that 52% of customers who receive orders in custom packaging are impressed and are more likely to shop from a brand again. Customers are impressed by receiving special and personalised orders, which enhances your D2C brand’s reputation.

Moreover, you can differentiate yourselves from the competition by being creative. For example, customers are much more likely to remember something eye-catching and special, like custom tapes, colourful postcards, and business cards, than the commonly used brown boxes.

2. Increases brand visibility

According to research, 40% of customers who receive aesthetic packages are more likely to post pictures and videos of them on social media. Potential customers can come across your brand’s review posts, thus popularising and increasing the visibility of your D2C brand.

3. Boosts ecommerce sales

“Customer review” reels and stories have taken the internet by storm. They are helping small and medium-sized businesses increase their visibility on social media, create hype among the masses and thereby increase ecommerce sales.

4. Better customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction plays a vital role in retaining customers. Research has found that 51% of customers do not purchase from a brand again after just one bad experience.

Branded shipping is an excellent way to ensure customer satisfaction, as customers feel valued and connected to the D2C brand. Ecommerce sellers can delight customers with unique packages and proactive customer notifications.

5. Superior unboxing experience

While creating a unique unboxing experience is only a part of branded shipping, it is crucial in increasing customer loyalty. The better the unboxing experience, the more impressed your customers will be, and the higher the chances of repeat purchases.

Did you know? 55% of customers provide repeat business to sites providing custom packaging.

Strategies to provide branded shipping

Let us look at how you can personalise the shipping process and impress customers:

1. Use custom shipping boxes

The outer package is the first thing a customer sees, and it can have a significant impact on how customers view your D2C brand. Here are some tips for curating a memorable unboxing experience-

  • When choosing boxes, D2C brands should ensure that it is sturdy enough not to get damaged, as damaged outer packaging can displease and anger customers
  • If you have the budget, choose from a variety of colourful boxes with different materials and prints to go the extra mile in impressing customers
  • You can also choose eco-friendly packaging options to show your commitment to the environment
  • You can use cost-effective ways to personalise a banal brown box by adding your brand logo or custom stickers

Custom boxes used by untold
Custom boxes used by untold

2. Focus on the inner packaging

The contents of a package are the crucial factor in awing customers. You can use innovative methods to create a superior unboxing experience for your customers. Tips for eye-catching inner packaging-

  • D2C brands can use techniques like aesthetically placing products in the box
  • You can use a custom-printed wrapper, fill the box with confetti or colourful paper shavings, ribbons and more
  • If a D2C brand focuses on being environment-friendly, it can use reusable and sustainable packaging materials like biodegradable packing peanuts
Dot n Key’s aesthetic inner packaging
Dot n Key’s aesthetic inner packaging

3. Include a hardcopy of the bill

In today’s tech-driven world, most customers prefer e-bills, which can be easily found when required. However, some customers still prefer to have a hard copy of the bill with themselves or require it for those not so comfortable with technology.

  • It is wise to provide both the e-bill and the hardcopy of it, to please both types of customers and ensure a branded delivery

4. Focus on the post-purchase experience

Post-purchase experiences are the touch-points and feelings customers experience with a D2C brand after they have placed an order with them. Post-purchase experience includes tracking information, proactive order notifications and seamless exchange. D2C brands can ensure a great post-purchase experience by-

Post-purchase experience is vital in retaining customers, as research shows that 86% of customers would leave a brand after poor experiences.

Nykaa sends proactive notifications
Nykaa sends proactive notifications

5. Add a personalised touch

Adding a personal touch to the otherwise impersonal shipping process makes customers feel valued and goes a long way in forming positive brand impressions. Some way to do so are by adding box inserts like-

  • Postcards (could feature your brand’s logo or quote)
  • A handwritten or printed “thank you” note
  • A note asking for reviews on social media
  • A CTA (Call-To-Action) to participate in a social media contest
  • Small gifts like stickers, bookmarks, keychains
  • Samples of your products
  • Attractive brochures
  • Discount vouchers

Depending on the budget, you can add personal touches to delight customers and create a feel-good impact.

Forest Essentials sends a “Thank you” note in packages
Forest Essentials sends a “Thank you” note in packages

How to provide branded shipping with Eshopbox?

Tech-enabled 3PLs like Eshopbox can help D2C brands to deliver an excellent branded shipping experience to their customers. Let’s see how Eshopbox can help you stand out from the competition through branded shipping.

1. Custom packaging

Eshopbox provides custom packaging according to the needs of your business. You have the liberty to get your orders packed in customised boxes to help create a captivating unboxing experience. Moreover, Eshopbox ensures that all orders are packed properly to prevent in-transit damage.

D2C brands can take advantage of Eshopbox's flexible packaging rules to create custom packing lists, use different packaging materials, and include unique inserts that showcase their brand. They also can add gifts and freebies, marketing inserts like postcards, and product samples in the packages.

Custom packaging by Brillare
Custom packaging by Brillare

2. Post-purchase notifications

With Eshopbox, you can ensure proactive communication with customers as notifications are sent at multiple stages of order processing, delivery and returns. D2C brands can choose whether notifications are sent through email, SMS or both.

Active communication during shipping prevents WISMO (Where-Is-My-Order-Calls) and is a sure-shot way to delight customers.

Notifications by Eshopbox
Notifications by Eshopbox

3. Branded order tracking experience

Eshopbox provides real-time order tracking information to customers. This helps overcome shipping anxiety as customers will always know where an order is and when it will be delivered. D2C brands have the freedom to create a customised branded tracking page to engage customers and deliver an exceptional shopping experience.

Branded customer portal of Acme
Branded customer portal of Acme

Summing up

Branded shipping is an outstanding way to increase customer loyalty. Personalised touches will impress customers and attract them to buy again from you or recommend your brand to others. Thus, D2C brands should try to reap the benefits of branded shipping through strategies like custom packaging and freebies. You can consider partnering with a robust 3PL like Eshopbox, which gives you the freedom to customise packaging while ensuring shipping efficiency.

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