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Fast growing companies leverage Eshopbox platform to scale their ecommerce business.

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Store inventory close to your customers
Sales channel
Connect & sell on multiple sales channels
Pick, pack and ship
Automate pick, pack and ship
Reconcile transactions
Reconcile payments in seconds

We are the operating system for your entire commerce operations


One platform for you and your entire team

One platform for you and your entire team

From managing inventory, order updates, and up-to-date payment insights our intuitive app puts everything in one place. Get notifications, handle exceptions and deep dive into various reports. Take control, be efficient and embrace transparency into your business operations.

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One platform for you and your entire team
Powerful network of fulfilment centres
Fulfilment Centers

Powerful network of fulfilment centres

Powerful network of fulfilment centres

Get your inventory closer to your customers by storing it in our strategically located warehouses. This helps you to speed up order transit times and reduce shipping costs. With our powerful and proven operational workflows, you can promise quick turn around times and provide a great post order experience to your customers.

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There is strength in our numbers

Eshopbox platform enables turnkey ecommerce for ambitious companies focused on driving a profitable customer
experience. From inventory management to channel integrations, fulfilment to payment reconciliation, Eshopbox gets
you in the ecommerce game faster than any other competitive solution.

On-time order processing rate
Orders our FCs have packed and shipped to customers within the promised TAT.
Total transactions reconciled
Invoice value of items reconciled by Eshopbox in last 12 months (in INR).
1.1 billion
Number of listings managed
Total number of channel listings created and maintained in Eshopbox system.
18 million
Shankar Prasad, Pureplay Founder
We work with Eshopbox for fulfilment of orders and their solution has helped us deliver more than 300K orders in 6 months with incredible accuracy. We've been able to focus on the branding, product, and other customer-centric aspects of the business, as opposed to fulfilment operations which used to take up a lot of bandwidth earlier.  
Shankar Prasad
Founder, PurePlay
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Connect with the tools you use

Choose from our pre-built integrations of shopping carts, sales channels, delivery partners and more or build your own
with our easy to use REST API.

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Grow with us

Bring 21% cost savings to your operations
Sell through
Increase your sell through by 87%
Reduce Inventory
Reduce your inventory holding by 38%
Upgrade NPS
Upgrade your NPS
Save 100+ hours of your team per week
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