Your ecommerce business on hypergrowth.

Eshopbox Plus is the first e-commerce acceleration platform to help your brand grow on ecommerce marketplaces, D2C, and other digital channels.

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Your ecommerce business on hypergrowth.
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One partner. Everything you need to succeed online

Multi-channel ecommerce growth without the growing pains

1 powerful app to manage your inventory, orders and payments

Increase sales velocity with efficient distribution

Dedicated ecommerce experts, just for you


Increase in revenue from delivering a consistent brand experience across allchannels.


Faster speed to market without compromising on customer experience.


savings on time spent on managing day-to-day e-commerce tasks.

How do we accelerate your growth?

Eshopbox brings in 5 core competencies to your ecommerce business enabling your brand to sell more while maintaining your profitability.

Ditch the marketplace management stress

Our dedicated ecommerce management service means you can focus on the big picture while we take care of your day-to-day marketplace optimization, inventory, and ASIN management.

Navigating the ins and outs of marketplaces is a full-time job. Our Brand Managers do the following for you:

Onboard your brand on marketplaces

Get your products listed - Sync the same inventory across channels

Get prime, assured badges

Participate in promotions, deals, flash sales

Build A+ listings - Run ad campaigns, offer discountcoupons

Respond to customer reviews andqueries

marketplace management feature image

Make superior distribution your competitive advantage

Our OMS and WMS technology, coupled with an established nationwide distribution network will ensure that your customers get a delightful post-purchase experience.

We provide all the services and technology you need to execute a worry-free and efficient distribution strategy with benefits like:

Distribute inventory to store them close to customers

Ultra-fast order processing

Offer express, free delivery across the country

Bundle products to offer kits

Meet marketplace SLAs with multiple daily dispatches

Apply custom packaging rules - Revive and quickly restock returns -Get reimbursements for damaged returns

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Perfectly balanced books, without the hassle

Our automated reconciliation system helps you grow confidently, everywhere you sell. Our system automatically fetches your sales transactions and separates and itemizes your sales, fees, refunds, and reimbursements.

Bid goodbye to monthly spreadsheets and manual errors. We bring enterprise-grade automation to your finance workflows:

Digitize your commercial agreements with all your sales channels and vendors in one place

Match expenses, identify overcharges and raise claims

Easily track paid and unpaid orders

Simple, easy-to-understand settlement reports

Download reconciled transactions with a full audit trail

Integrate with your ERP and easily import the transactions to your accounting system, saving your team from endless hours spent on manual work

Payment reconciliation feature image

Expand your market reach, smarter

Our best-in-class seller services help you take advantage of our established seller accounts across marketplaces without the logistical nightmare. We handle everything from cataloguing to invoicing to payments.

We'll maximize your ecommerce presence with optimized multichannel ecommerce so that you grow faster with benefits like:

Be a Premium Seller on Amazon, Flipkart and beyond

Prime badges from day 1

Easy taxation and compliance

Simple accounting. No need to manage multiple channel accounts

Streamlined refunds and exchanges for your customers

All-in-one payments handling (payment gateway, cash on delivery, marketplace settlements)

Multi-channel insights and reports for quick action

Seller of record

Discover essential business insights in seconds

Our unified analytics help you make better decisions in real-time by consolidating omnichannel data and insights into one place. Actionable data helps you repeat success and additional insights help you plan for future growth.

Our technology simplifies and combines complicated reports, giving you answers to questions like:

What is the product availability status across sales channels?

How to improve the product catalogue for better discoverability?

What products need replenishment at which location?

Which products are performing and which are not?

Which sales channels to double down on for more sales?

How to reduce return %?

How to improve regional utilization?

Which products to advertise to increase visibility?

What pricing modification is required for maximum sales?

Insights & reporting

How do we accelerate your growth?

Eshopbox brings in 5 core competencies to your ecommerce business enabling your brand to sell more while maintaining your profitability.

How partnership works?

Our biggest differentiator? We do the heavy lifting on accelerating your e-commerce growth, you focus on building winning products.

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Why Eshopbox Plus?

team icon

Growth is a team sport

We’re on the same team. Our mutual goal is to fast-track your ecommerce growth profitably rather than charging you for activities that don’t bring desired outcomes. We get paid only when you get paid.

focus icon

Focus on your core

Running a successful brand is enough work. Your ecommerce operations should be the easy part. With Eshopbox, your skilled business team can concentrate on strategic initiatives while we take care of the day-to-day execution.

technology icon

Technology-first solution

Eshopbox’s platform eliminates repetitive tasks with automation, removing the risk of human error. There's a virtuous cycle of increased cost-effectiveness, coupled with happier customers, and better sales.

7 yrs

of reselling experience


SKUs sold

₹3.8 BN

transactions reconciled in 2021

6 mn+

shipments in 2021


order accuracy rate

₹110 MN

reimbursement in damage claims


of reselling experience

6 MN+

shipments in 2024


SKUs sold


order accuracy rate

₹3.8 BN

transactions reconciled in 2024

₹110 MN

reimbursement in damage claims

delivery icon

67% of orders delivered within 2-days

24 hours operations icon

24/7  days warehouse operations

sales channels icon

15+ fully managed sales channels

Your questions. Answered

We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you additional information about getting started on Flipkart with Eshopbox.

How to become a Flipkart gold seller?

In order to become a Flipkart Gold seller, you need to exceed certain performance benchmarks standardised by Flipkart. Eshopbox helps you get one step closer to being a Gold seller by improving your service quality and regional utilisation.

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Which Flipkart business models does Eshopbox support?

Eshopbox supports all Flipkart operational models — Flipkart marketplace, Flipkart Smart, Flipkart wholesale, and Flipkart Vendor flex

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How does Eshopbox fulfil my Flipkart orders?

Once a customer makes a purchase on Flipkart, the order is imported into Eshopbox and allocated to the optimal fulfilment centre. The order items are then picked, packed, and shipped to the customer.

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Is there any integration requirement?

No. Eshopbox's direct integration with Flipkart allows you to start processing Flipkart orders with Eshopbox without any custom integration or developer effort.

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How does inventory sync work?

Eshopbox syncs inventory with Flipkart based on the inventory availability in Eshopbox. The frequency of inventory sync is 5 minutes and it is instant in case of stock-outs.

If you are using the same inventory across multiple channels, Eshopbox relays the same inventory to each channel. Inventory is then updated on each channel for every inventory level change in Eshopbox to ensure maximum accuracy between Eshopbox, Flipkart and other connected channels.

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How does order sync work?

Whenever an order is placed on Flipkart, the same order is created in Eshopbox. The frequency of order sync is 5 minutes.

Additionally, whenever there is a change in order status in Eshopbox, the same is updated on Flipkart.

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How do returns work?

Eshopbox automatically imports your returns from Flipkart. As your returns are received at the fulfilment centres, Eshopbox conducts a quality check to determine whether your products are ready to sell again. Items in good condition are quickly restocked, and you get automated reports to file for claims if items are in bad condition.

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How will order allocation work for Flipkart?

Eshopbox provides inventory updates for each location configured on Flipkart enabling a unified inventory view. Now, as your customers place orders on Flipkart, they are allocated to different fulfilment centres based on Flipkart's order allocation algorithm.

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How does packaging work for Flipkart orders?

You need to pack your Flipkart orders in Flipkart branded packaging which is available to purchase on-demand in Eshopbox. Alternatively, you can buy Flipkart branded packaging material from a certified vendor and send it to Eshopbox. Storage fees will apply to the packaging material.

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Will Eshopbox manage my Flipkart listings?

No. Eshopbox will not manage your product listings on Flipkart. You need to manage your product listings from the Flipkart admin. You can make your products available to Flipkart from the Eshopbox workspace.

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Where can I track the status of my Flipkart orders?

Eshopbox serves as a single source of truth for your Flipkart orders. You can easily track the status of each Flipkart order on the Eshopbox workspace as they are picked, packed, and shipped.

How to track the status of your order fulfilment

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How does pricing work?

Eshopbox offers simple, affordable, all-inclusive pricing to receive, store, pick, pack, and ship your Flipkart orders. No hidden fees, no surcharges — so you know your costs from day one. Contact sales to request a quote

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How does Eshopbox handle the surge in order volumes during flash sales and promotional events?

Eshopbox allocates reinforced resources to seamlessly meet surges in demand during flash sales and promotional events. All you need to do is notify Eshopbox of the duration during which you are expecting the surge.

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