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Unicommerce is one of the India's leading technology platforms for managing orders & inventory across multiple B2C & B2B channels.

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How It Works

Embracing open standards, Eshopbox lets you run your operations, unmodified, on existing systems from your own locations, and expand to other locations using the Eshopbox Fulfillment platform.

Create facilities in Unicommerce for each Eshopbox fulfillment center you store inventory with.  Also, configure sales channels on Unicommerce and enable it in your Eshopbox workspace.

What you need

  • A facility in your Unicommerce account for each Eshopbox Fulfillment center you store inventory with.
  • Enabled sales channel in your Eshopbox workspace for each Channel associated with the facility in Unicommerce

This app can

  • Track new products added in Unicommerce item master
  • Update inventory levels
  • Track new orders created in Unicommerce
  • Search shipping labels and Invoices of orders from Unicommerce
  • Update order status in Unicommerce.
  • Track if an order is canceled in Unicommerce.

Recommended Automations

  • When you add new products to Unicommerce item master,  products are configured in your Eshopbox workspace
  • Update stock on Unicommerce whenever there is a change in the sellable Inventory in the Eshopbox fulfillment center.
  • When Unicommerce assigns a new order to facility mapped to Eshopbox FC, create a new order for fulfillment in your Eshopbox workspace
  • Eshopbox will search shipping label and invoice from Unicommerce while packing the order
  • As Eshopbox makes the order Ready to ship, Mark it as ready to ship in Unicommerce
  • If the order is canceled on Unicommerce, the order will be canceled in Eshopbox

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