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Features to enable fulfilment


Plan your inventory supply the way you want it

  • Send inventory to Eshopbox FC easily
  • Track consignment status in real-time
  • Get proof on-demand against inaccurate supply

Scale your inventory across geographies

  • Distribute inventory across various zones in India
  • Store inventory in our highly secure facility
  • Enable quick delivery and reduce shipping costs
Pick and Pack
Pick & Pack

Efficient & Accurate order packing

  • On-time order processing
  • Brand the delivery experience
  • Apply intelligent packaging logic

“Meeting the order processing demands of multiple channels is an industry-wide challenge. Eshopbox with its technology and fulfilment expertise achieves high order accuracy, consistently.”

Kunal Sethi
General Manager, Clarks

Make returns your competitive advantage

  • Automate your returns tracking
  • Receive and revive your returns
  • Cover your losses

Orders delivered within 2 days

Percentage of orders that are delivered  within 2 days of customer purchase date.


Quality Check

Improve your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • Improve your profitability by reducing leakages
  • Customize your inspection criteria

Return processing time

Average time it takes for Eshopbox FC to handle customer returns and add back to active inventory.

3.4 days

"With Eshopbox, our online sales have risen sharply and yet the customer satisfaction scores have remained intact. It’s the direct result of superior fulfilment and seamless channel integrations."

Nitin Bhargava
Head E-commerce, Blackberrys

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Reconcile your payments

Reconcile your payments

Bid goodbye to monthly spreadsheets and manual errors. Setup finance processes to accelerate your business growth.

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Sell your products

Sell your products

Create an unfair advantage with auto syncing your inventory on multiple sales channels with ease.

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