How it works

Spending too much time on commerce operations, not your core business? We can fix that.

Automate your commerce workflow. Focus on building great products, while Eshopbox handles your heavy lifting operations.

How it works


Create your product catalog

Use our flexible product creation tool to build products as per your specific needs. With no limitation, you can make a simple product, combos and virtual kits.

Sell Flexibly

Easily create any kind of product you wish to sell

Base product
Base Product
A single product
Virtual combo
Virtual Combo
Two or more products that are stored as individual units but packed at the time of order processing
Two or more products that are stored physically together and kept in stock as one unit

Connect your catalog to any sales channel

Choose from an extensive list of pre-integrated sales channels that you can simply connect with a 2-step configuration. You can also quickly build custom integrations with our well-documented guides.

Sell Faster
Connect to any sales channelConnect with any sales channel
Send inventory to Eshopbox fulfilment centres

Send inventory to Eshopbox fulfilment centres

Subscribe to our network of secured fulfillment centers with easy to follow steps to register and meet compliance requirements. Sending inventory is as easy as booking a flight ticket.

Sell Confidently


Automation bots
Our automation bots will fetch your orders. You can also create orders manually.
Ship order
Sit back and relax. Eshopbox will ship your customer orders in record time.
Delivery experience
Brand the delivery experience with custom packaging, marketing inserts, samples and more.
Process returns
We will receive and process your returns with incredible accuracy.
Track every item, every order, every return in real-time.


Map your transaction rules

Easily setup complex billing and payment scenarios as you scale across sales channels. You gain complete control over your revenues and cashflows.

Record your agreement
Map your transaction rules
Transaction Criteria
Transaction satisfactionTransaction satisfaction
Scale peacefully, your expenses are being monitored 24x7Scale peacefully, your expenses are being monitored 24x7

Scale peacefully, your expenses are being monitored 24x7

Our bots will reconcile your expense on every sales you generate. Receive real-time updates when fees are over charged.

Pay Confidently

Get up-to-date payment insights

Book your payouts and let Eshopbox system do the hours of grunt work in seconds to give you accurate item level payment status. You will always know what is paid and what is overdue.

Reconcile Payouts
Get up-to-date payment insightsGet up-to-date payment insights
Eshopbox has seamless integration with all marketplaces. Their automation has helped us sell on various channels and fulfil orders timely leading to 110% of growth of our eCommerce business.
Kunal Sethi
General Manager - Ecommerce, Clarks