Case Study
Linen Club is a leading player in the domestic linen and worsted yarn segment and has significantly revolutionised the Indian textile market by popularising 'linen' in India across a wide customer base
Case Study
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How Linen Club distributes inventory efficiently to drive better sales while saving 40% in shipping costs through Eshopbox

Eshopbox has been its ecommerce growth partner to serve its customers from multiple locations across India.

Inventory distribution across multiple locations has proved to be a big difference for our marketplace business with our products getting closer to the customer. We are strategically storing inventory in 3 Eshopbox fulfilment centres now. We have seen an increase in 2-day shipping reach by 103%. Not only is this better for our customers but we also gain a 13% savings on the bottom line.
Shruti Agrawal, Head Marketing- Aditya Birla Group, Linen Club

The problem

Having started with Eshopbox to launch its brand on various marketplaces in India, Linen Club quickly managed to reach optimum sell-through against its inventory hold at Eshopbox Mumbai fulfilment center.

In conversation with the team at Amazon and Flipkart, Linen Club realised that distributing inventory across various zones of India was a major growth driver as these marketplaces promote listing with faster deliveries to customers. Understanding how the marketplace algorithm works on product visibility is the key to achieving better sales. Hence, splitting inventory was the next goal and the team at Linen Club put forward following challenges at Eshopbox:

  • How will the inventory splitting across multiple locations work?
  • How will the inventory from multiple locations for the same SKU be made available on marketplaces?
  • How to reconcile distributed stock-in-hand easily?
  • How will the order allocation work in a way that the optimum fulfilment center fulfils the order?

The solution

Eshopbox’s implementation team registered Linen Club to Eshopbox FC in the north and the south zone. Eshopbox technology infrastructure is built to solve the complexity of operating a network of fulfilment centers and splitting clients' inventory for business efficiency.

The solution proposed by Eshopbox had the following features:

  • Access to all Eshopbox FCs across India with full visibility of inventory on the Eshopbox app.
  • Historic sales reports with information of customer locations for planning optimum inventory allocation.
  • Automated order processing system for quick delivery against marketplace SLAs.
  • Enable multi-location linking of inventory against channel listings.
  • Ability to offer next-day delivery to its customers on Amazon and Flipkart.

The payoff

The online business for Linen Club has seen a steady growth in partnership with Eshopbox and has shown the following results:

  • Linen Club has been able to offer next-day delivery for a great share of its orders which has led to an increase of 100% in its business on the marketplace.
  • It has managed to save 40% in shipping costs due to closer proximity to its customers.
  • Its seller ratings have improved to the highest standard which has resulted in better product visibility on all marketplaces.

We have managed to implement multi-location fulfilment with Eshopbox in record time. We can easily extract inventory and sales performance reports from the Eshopbox app to plan optimum inventory hold. Their widely spread network of FCs has reduced our shipping time and costs. 60% of our orders are through express delivery now owing to better product visibility for customers.
Shruti Agrawal, Head Marketing- Aditya Birla Group, Linen Club

Before Eshopbox

Distributing inventory seamed inefficient

Linen Club was unclear on the implementation plan for multi-location fulfilment. Having understood the benefits of splitting inventory, there were many challenges in executing this business objective.

After Eshopbox

Seamless inventory utilization

Post successful integration of multiple locations for its product listing on marketplaces, Linen Club successfully placed inventory closer to its customers and scaled its ecommerce business while improving its bottom-line.

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