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Say goodbye to the endless spreadsheets, emails, and headaches and say hello to your team’s commerce launchpad. Hit your goals, without friction.

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Eshopbox brings together your team, your commerce information,
and our experts to keep everyone on the same page.
inventory management
Visualizecommerce operations


Get a unified view of all your commerce operations in one place and visualize your work moving through multiple stages, as you had like it to.

Stay in Sync

A user-friendly interface provides you with control over your business at your fingertips.

Actionable dashboards

Get a snapshot of your fulfilment operation and drill down transactions to make data informed decisions.
Actionable dashboardinventory control system
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Actionable dashboardsActionable dashboards

Notifications and Alerts

Receive proactive alerts to resolve issues quickly and easily.
Actionable dashboardsinventory management system

Transparency and Accountability

Our system is the single source of truth for your entire commerce operation bringing you commerce
agility, accountability, and peace of mind.

Supply chain visibility

See the status of inbound and outbound shipments in real time.
Supply chain visibilityonline inventory management
Inventory transparencyInventory transparency

Inventory transparency

Drill down view of inventory by location, unit and status.

Transaction history

Complete access to detailed activity logs of almost every type of transaction processed.

inventory controlInventory transparency

Powerful Workflows

Workflows to fit your team and company’s needs — so everyone tackles the right tasks at the right time.

Consignment workflow

Send and recall inventory from Eshopbox fulfilment centres (FC) with ease. Track movement in real time. Full proof exchange of documents for seamless movement of goods.

Consignment workflowConsignment workflow

Orders workflow

Eliminate manual errors by automating your entire order processing workflow from creation to completion. Intuitive interface and alerts to help you monitor SLAs and TATs.
inventory software

Payment workflow

Handle complex invoicing and payout scenarios as you scale across revenue channels. Track overdue payments, excess expenses and policy breaches. Efficient, clean, and one less heartache for the finance team.

order fulfilment platformPayment workflows

Manage exceptions

Set warning thresholds and receive alerts when items like inventory levels, order flow or payment status fall out of line. Learn how to manage such cases from our extensively documented resources.

inventory systemManage exceptions

Intelligent order routing

Orders automatically ship from the optimal fulfilment centre based on inventory availability, shopper destination, custom business logic and SLA.
Intelligent order routing
fulfilment centreIntelligent order routing

Optimise your inventory distribution

Plan your inventory holds across geographies with metrics to help you take the right decision. Create and deliver consignments to FC locations best suited for optimal sell throughs.

Optimise your inventory distributioninventory distribution

Automate Everything

Sell multichannel, omnichannel, any channel

Virtually any sales channel can be connected to the Eshopbox platform. Relay inventory and fetch orders automatically from any channel to drive sales.

Set custom rules

Create custom rules to automate expense calculation, packaging selection, courier allocation, order replenishments and more. If you can imagine a use case, you can design it.

Empower developers

Get real time data and use RESTful APIs to customize workflows and develop seamless integrations to supplier portals, shopping carts, marketplaces, ERPs and more.

automate management system

End-to-end Customer Experience

Offer superior tracking and returns with the convenience and transparency your customers want. Deliver an
engaging, on-brand post-purchase experience that inspires customer loyalty.

Ship smarter

We partner with multiple national carriers so that you can get started immediately, no integration work needed. Personalize your shipping labels, customer notifications, and more to offer a unique, branded experience.

Tracking that goes the extra mile

Your customers are binge watching their tracking information. Give them the constant, detailed updates they’re looking for.

Returns that build customer loyalty

Offer customers an easy to use self service portal to initiate and track their returns and refunds. Attract customers for repeat purchase after a positive return experience.

technology enabled 3PL
With Eshopbox, the visibility of our eCommerce operations has gone up multifold, giving us better understanding and control. Eshopbox workspace provides us with reports to make data-informed decisions for our business functions like replenishment, discount management, and sales forecasting.
Dhanendra Rathore
Category lead- Ecommerce, Raymond