Flipkart Assured

Smart way to win a Flipkart Assured badge

The Flipkart Assured badge is awarded to people who sign up for Flipkart fulfilment and store products in Flipkart warehouses. Eshopbox helps you win the F-assured badge without parting away with your inventory.

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Win the F-assured badge

F-Assured badge not only boosts your visibility but acts as a mark of quality and trust to ensure higher conversions.

  • All Eshopbox facilities meet Flipkart standards to enable smart fulfilment
  • Express orders can be processed using Eshopbox priority pick and pack
  • Our fulfillment centers are operational on sundays and holidays so that you don't have to
Win the F-assured Badge

More control than Flipkart fulfilment

Flipkart fulfillment with Eshopbox gives you more opportunity to build your brand because it’s in your hands.
This means more control over products, and direct visibility of your inventory.

More control than Flipkart FulfilmentMore control than Flipkart Fulfilment
  • Unlike Flipkart fulfillment, Eshopbox has no upper limit on the number of items stored. Also, you don't have to pay a heavy penalty for long term storage
  • Don’t have to worry about Flipkart's strict receiving guidelines, delayed appointments, or barcodes
  • No need to store inventory at Flipkart warehouses
  • Easily create consignments to move inventory within Eshopbox facility and earn F-assured badge
  • Each unit is coded with Flipkart Listing id to comply with guidelines

More features

Seller on Record
Seller on record

Be compliant while expanding your business

  • Tax and compliance
  • Fraud prevention
  • Full service solution under one roof

Sell flexibly

  • Build your product catalog with ease
  • Take advantage of creative merchandising techniques
  • Ensure product accuracy by creating one place of truth

Sell confidently

  • Real-time inventory view across multiple locations
  • Robust scan based operation to maintain inventory accuracy