Sell confidently

Take 100% control of your stock and broadcast accurate inventory levels. After all, your business depends on your inventory and your customers are waiting to be delighted by it.

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Know what you have and where you have it

Make smarter purchase decisions by knowing exactly how much is in hand, and improve cash flow by selling against incoming inventory.

  • Real-time inventory view across multiple locations and multiple inventory statuses
  • Sellable - how much stock is available for selling?
  • Inward in progress - how much stock is on the way?
  • Outward in progress - inventory blocked against orders in process
  • Don't let inventory stranded by getting the view of unsellable inventory. Take action to easily convert stranded goods to sellable inventory
Know what you have and where you have it

Stand by your commitments

Customers want to shop from reliable sellers. Eshopbox helps you deliver exceptional customer experiences by
ensuring high inventory accuracy.

Stand by your commitmentsStand by your commitments
  • Item level traceability helps Eshopbox maintain the
    complete trail of every piece
  • Robust scan based operation helps Eshopbox maintain
    100% inventory accuracy
  • Handy reports to easily reconcile your inventory at the
    SKU level or consignment level
  • Continuous cycle count ensures inventory is picked right
    the first time and no delay in order packing

More features

Sales channel
Sales channel

Sell faster

  • Add channels with ease
  • Centralize your inventory
  • Sell where your customers shop
Amazon prime
Amazon Prime

Tap into largest customer base in the world

  • Win the Amazon buy box by going prime
  • More control than storing inventory at Amazon facility
Flipkart assured
Flipkart Assured

Smart way to win a Flipkart Assured badge

  • Win the F-assured badge and boost your visibility
  • More control than Flipkart fulfillment