Case Study
Clarks have been pioneers in shoemaking worldwide for close to 200 years and are known for their expertise in quality and craftsmanship.
Case Study
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How Clarks gained competitive advantage with early adoption of Eshopbox platform as a service

Clarks works with Eshopbox for most of its eCommerce functions which include selling on marketplaces and brands own website, order fulfillment, billing management and payments reconciliation.

We wanted to make the most out of our customer service operations by reducing the number of calls about where packages were or to facilitate simple returns requests and Eshopbox allowed us to do that. Additionally, meeting the order processing demands of multiple channels is an industry wide challenge. Eshopbox with its technology and fulfilment expertise achieves high order accuracy, consistently. They bring in the agility required to adapt and deliver a great customer experience. It gives our customers a smooth ride from purchase through delivery and beyond.
- Kunal Sethi, General Manager - Ecommerce

The problem

Clarks have been selling shoes in India since 2011 and have set a vast footprint for their customers mostly through its retail stores. With shifting consumer trends towards online shopping in India, Clarks were keen to engage with their customers on various online channels. This involved managing a transactional brand website of their own and working with other eCommerce channels like Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra to improve reach and business.

Clarks were aware of the challenges in managing eCommerce fulfilment such as:

  • Inventory dilution
  • Slow pace of order processing
  • Daily hassles of returns
  • Cumbersome accounting
  • Managing large teams in-house

Hence, they were keen to move away from self-fulfilment and preferred outsourcing.

The solution

They were particularly impressed with Eshopbox for their understanding of the eCommerce ecosystem and automated business processes while delivering a seamless shopping experience for consumers. "The blend of technology and fulfilment at Eshopbox worked beautifully for us to deliver the consumer experience we wanted."

Eshopbox proposed a solution that would deliver the following benefits:

  • Efficient use of its inventory: across eCommerce channels in real-time avoiding segregation of inventory for each channel.
  • Quick order processing: within the prescribed SLAs for elevated seller score on the marketplaces.
  • Organized return management process: revive and re-stock customer returns with a quick turnaround time.
  • Improved post purchase experience: seamless order tracking and return management for website shoppers, in turn reducing customer support calls.
  • End to end accountability: performing stock audits, channel-wise payment reconciliations and claims management to cover damages.
  • Real time channel integrations: for efficient allocation of inventory and price management across platforms.

The payoff

Eshopbox has been able to drive the eCommerce business significantly for Clarks while improving their customer satisfaction levels.

  • Clarks has benefited most during peak Sale events where they could scale to 5X orders without any inconvenience.
  • 40% reduction in its operating costs purely on the basis of using the advanced tech platform of Eshopbox which has led to higher sell-through and reduced team costs.
  • Eshopbox Intelligent Storage system has been very helpful for Clarks to utilise its inventory smartly.
  • Seller flex integration with Amazon has been a revelation allowing them to scale their business to 4X in a year without increase in inventory.
  • The return management process has been made efficient for Clarks resulting in inventory re-listing within 5 days of receiving.
  • The all time available data on Eshopbox workspace have enabled Clarks to understand their business metrics better and make informed decisions on their future strategies for this channel.
Eshopbox collaboration has been terrific for us and we treat them as partners in our success. They have a seamless integration with all marketplaces. All our inventories at Eshopbox facilities have an Amazon Prime and Flipkart express advantage as a result. This helps us drive consistent sales. Their automation has helped us sell on various channels and fulfil orders timely leading to 110% yoy growth of our eCommerce business.
- Kunal Sethi, General Manager - Ecommerce, Clarks

Before Eshopbox

Clarks wanted to leverage eCommerce as a key channel for their business and consumer engagement.

After Eshopbox

The eCommerce channel for Clarks today contributes to more than 30% of their overall business volumes and has set them up for long term success in the Indian market.

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