Make returns your competitive advantage. Not a problem statement

Be rest assured, your customer returns process is streamlined with Eshopbox's platform. Offer your customers with easy, hassle-free returns.

Automate your returns tracking

Powerful return inventory tracking system that helps you stay notified and at peace.

Pick & Pack
Amazon MFN
Tata Cliq
Mark ready-to-ship
within 12 hours of order creation
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Amazon Prime
Flipkart Assured
Mark ready-to-ship
within 4 hours of order creation
Pick & Pack
Brand store
Mark ready-to-ship
within 3 days of order creation
Courier pick-up time
12 pm
2 pm
5 pm
8 pm
Automate your returns tracking
Hassle free return labels
Improve the customer experience with hassle-free return labels
Auto sync returns
Auto sync your returns from channels to Eshopbox system
Track your return status
Track your return status from upcoming to completion
Get notified
Get notified if returns are not received in expected time

Receive and revive returns

Returns handling with easy to customise workflows that works best for your business.

  • Eshopbox Identifies and inspect the items in your returns for damages or pilferage
  • Repackage, relabel and refurbish to make items re-sellable
  • Quick restocking of return items into your available inventory
Receive and revive returnsReceive and revive returns
Cover your lossesCover your losses

Cover your losses

Monitor and use auto generated reports to file claims, arrest leakages and reduce fall outs using Eshopbox system.

  • Record and reconcile returns with refunds to ensure every return is correctly accounted for
  • Generate Claim Filing Report (CFR) if return is damaged
  • Identify and highlight products with high return percentage for corrective actions

More features

Quality check
Quality check

Improve your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • Improve your profitability by reducing leakages
  • Customize your inspection criteria

Plan your inventory supply the way you want it

  • Send inventory to Eshopbox FC easily
  • Track consignment status in real-time
  • Get proof on-demand against inaccurate supply

Scale your inventory across geographies

  • Distribute inventory across various zones in India
  • Store inventory in our highly secure facility
  • Enable quick delivery and reduce shipping costs