Plan your inventory supply the way you want it

Plan and track your inventory movement seamlessly. Always know what you hold, where you hold and what is upcoming.

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Seamless workflow

Navigate your entire inventory movement process easily —from consignment planning to shipment arrival, receiving, and storage.

  • Create consignments using intuitive UI or using our robust APIs
  • Plan better by scheduling a delivery appointment and knowing the estimated date to complete receiving of your inventory
  • Track consignment status in real-time and easily download reports
  • Seamlessly pass relevant information to your accounting software or your ERP or your vendors and suppliers
Seamless workflowSeamless workflow
Seamless workflowGrow effortlessly

Grow effortlessly

As your business expand, the number of locations you sell, store, and source from increases. You can easily manage inventory movements across locations.

Eshopbox consignments can manage all your business needs:

  • Procure from supplier
  • Supply from your own locations
  • Supply from third-party locations

Planning to sell from multiple Eshopbox fulfilment centres, No worries?  Easily transfer across locations and have real time visibility of your inventory movement.

From exception management to manage by exception

Accurate information and up-to-date data to all the stakeholders help resolve issues and queries in a quick manner.

  • Get proof on-demand to claim against inaccurate supply
  • Apply predefined checkpoints like weighing of master cartons, vehicle seals to avoid inventory leakage during transport
  • Opt for standard quality checks or define custom criteria suitable to your business. Rejected units are packed and can be sent back to the source
Seamless workflowFrom exception management to manage by exception

More features


Scale your inventory across geographies

  • Distribute inventory across various zones in India
  • Store inventory in our highly secure facility
  • Enable quick delivery and reduce shipping costs
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Pick & Pack

Efficient & Accurate order packing. Zero exceptions

  • On-time order processing
  • Brand the delivery experience
  • Apply intelligent packaging logic

Make returns your competitive advantage

  • Automate your returns tracking
  • Receive and revive your returns
  • Cover your losses