Improve your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Don't let a quality reject product reach your valuable customers and ruin your credibility.

Improve your profitability by reducing leakages

Ensure the supply matches the purchase order and identify issues in your product catalog.

  • Eshopbox can perform quality check at the time of receiving of your inventory. You can ask the supplier for replacement or credit for rejected units
  • Eshopbox can also perform quality check at the time of order processing with attributes displayed to the customer. This will ensure that correct item is shipped to the customer and reduce your cost of returns
Improve your profitability by reducing leakagesImprove your profitability by reducing leakages
Customize your inspection criteriaCustomize your inspection criteria

Customize your inspection criteria

We understand your product is unique, therefore, we let you decide how to perform inspection of your product?

Use Eshopbox standard inspection criteria

  • Match the physical product image with image displayed to the customer
  • Identify incorrect information like price, size on your product label

You can also add custom criteria for inspection like expiry dates, color, product hygiene and so on.

Easily extract and share clear and concise rejection reasons with your suppliers.

More features


Plan your inventory supply the way you want it

  • Send inventory to Eshopbox FC easily
  • Track consignment status in real-time
  • Get proof on-demand against inaccurate supply
Quality check

Scale your inventory across geographies

  • Distribute inventory across various zones in India
  • Store inventory in our highly secure facility
  • Enable quick delivery and reduce shipping costs
Flash sales
Pick & Pack

Efficient & Accurate order packing. Zero exceptions

  • On-time order processing
  • Brand the delivery experience
  • Apply intelligent packaging logic