Case Study
Raymond is a diversified group with majority business interests in Textile & Apparel sectors
Case Study
Apparel & Accessories

How Raymond embraced operational efficiency and achieved desired sales growth by leveraging Eshopbox ecommerce platform

Raymond uses Eshopbox to streamline its entire ecommerce lifecycle that includes multichannel selling, fulfilment and end-to-end reconciliation.

We've found a great partner in Eshopbox. Meeting the order processing demands of multiple channels is an industry-wide challenge. Eshopbox with its technology and fulfilment expertise achieves high order accuracy, consistently. They bring in the agility required to adapt and deliver a great customer experience. Eshopbox gives our customers a smooth ride from purchase through delivery and beyond.
Dhanendra Rathore, Category lead- Ecommerce, Raymond

The problem

Raymond is an aggressive player in the ready to wear apparel segment with reputed brands such as Park Avenue, ColorPlus & Parx that are a part of its product portfolio. The company has a massive offline reach with over 1100 exclusive stores spread across India. With an established dominance in the offline market, Raymond wanted to replicate its vast presence in the online landscape too. The underlying vision was to extend its product offerings to customers seeking the convenience of online shopping by being available on a variety of online channels.

While evaluating an ecommerce partner who could turn Raymond’s aggressive ecommerce vision into reality, the team at Raymond wanted a partner that would meet the following capabilities:

  • Make inventory available on multiple channels: Enable allocation of inventory to channels in a manner to achieve maximum sales with most optimum inventory hold.
  • Efficiently fulfil orders: Store inventory and manage order processing as per channel's specific guidelines.
  • Enable next-day delivery: Quick turnaround by picking, packing, and shipping multiple times each day.
  • Exhibit accountability: Access to single source of truth for inventory, orders and returns.
  • Payment analytics: Give up-to-date insights on payment status of various channel partners.

The solution

After having done a thorough market comparison across various service providers, the team at Raymond realised that Eshopbox was the most suitable solution that could answer its business needs.

Eshopbox team understood from the beginning that to meet Raymond business expectations and earn its trust, accountability would be the pivotal challenge to be addressed. Varun heads integration initiatives at Eshopbox. In Varun’s words, "We drew a simple roadmap - help Raymond to integrate its ERP with Eshopbox system first and then enable ecommerce operations". Eshopbox solution approach focused on enabling:

  • Eshopbox product sync tool to maintain informational accuracy with automated product updates and inventory changes on marketplaces.
  • Create multiple cut-off processing times (CPTs) for packing orders round-the-clock to enable quick delivery to customers.
  • Integrate Eshopbox system with Raymond’s SAP, replicating every transaction from item receiving to invoicing in its ERP.
  • Deploy Eshopbox reconciliation engine to track short payment, overdues and incorrect channel expenses.

The payoff

After working closely with Eshopbox, Raymond witnessed 8X sales growth in 6 months. It was particularly impressed with:

  • Complete transparency and accountability with Eshopbox acting as a single source of truth—satisfaction to finance team with every transaction recorded in Raymond's ERP in real time.
  • Up-to-date payment reports with detailed channel-wise segregation.
  • High sell-through achieved with 44% less inventory exposure.
  • 99.95% SLA achieved in order processing.
  • Flipkart account status upgraded to Gold within 4 months of operation.
  • Enabled same-day delivery for west zone with Amazon Prime.

With Eshopbox, the visibility of our ecommerce operations has gone up multifold, giving us better understanding and control. The integration of our ERP with the Eshopbox app ensures compliance and data hygiene. Additionally, the Eshopbox app allows us to digitise our marketplace terms and commercials. This helps us reconcile our payments and channel expenses for every customer order.
Dhanendra Rathore, Category lead- Ecommerce, Raymond

Before Eshopbox

Lack of agility to achieve desired ecommerce goals

Raymond wanted to increase its ecommerce outreach by increasing its presence on various marketplaces to grow revenue and serve its customers.

After Eshopbox

Streamlined ecommerce operations with clear visibility into revenue and growth

With Eshopbox, Raymond was able to increase its catalogue on various marketplaces, record-high sales volume and maintain accounting with an automation engine that is built to last.

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