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How to create the perfect Customer Experience (CX): 11 ways to become a brand differentiator in ecommerce
Customer Delight

How to create the perfect Customer Experience (CX): 11 ways to become a brand differentiator in ecommerce

Versha Kamwal
February 28, 2023
mins read

How does a brand win customers?

By win, we mean acquire and retain customers.

So how does a brand win customers to attain exponential ecommerce growth?

Well, every business claims that it’s in the quality of the product or service they offer. Though it was true two-three years ago, it’s no longer the solution. Today, it’s all about providing the best customer experience.

The reason why shoppers choose to shop from a brand is a comprehensive list that includes a lot of things like product quality, fast order delivery, free shipping, easy checkout process, stress-free shipping, simple returns and exchanges and a lot more. Basically, customers want it all from the brand.

So it won’t be wrong to say that we live in the age of the customer, and it's time for brands to start embracing it. By becoming customer-centric and providing your customers with an unforgettable experience every single time, you can thrive inevitably.

In this blog, you will learn what is customer experience, why customer experience is important for ecommerce brands, why ecommerce brands struggle to provide great customer experience and how Eshopbox creates the best customer experience that helps ecommerce brands to delight their customers.

What is Customer Experience (CX)?

Customer Experience (CX) is your customers’ perception of how your ecommerce brand treats them. These perceptions affect their shopping behaviour and build memories and feelings to drive their loyalty. It includes all the steps of the buyer journey, from the moment customers learn about your brand, and make a purchase from you to the interactions after making a purchase.

Now that you know what customer experience entails, let's see why ecommerce brands should invest in customer experience.

Why Customer Experience (CX) is a brand differentiator for ecommerce players?

Customer experience is redefining how shoppers shop, choose a brand and stick to a brand. Similarly, ecommerce brands are re-strategising their offerings to adjust to new customer behaviour and trends. According to a study, thousands of business professionals shared their business priorities. The following were the results:

statistics on customer experience

  • 77% of brands believe CX is a key competitive differentiator.
  • Businesses lose $35.3 Billion annually in customer churn caused by avoidable CX issues.
  • CX drives over two-thirds of customer loyalty, which represents more than brand and price combined
  • Companies that earn $1 billion annually can expect to earn, on average, an additional $700 million within 3 years of investing in customer experience
  • 86% of consumers would leave a brand after as few as two poor experiences.

Moreover, a study found out that Customer Experience (CX) causes a 92% increase in customer loyalty, an 84% boost in revenue and a 79% decrease in costs.

Why ecommerce brands struggle to provide great Customer Experience (CX)?

Ecommerce brands often face some common roadblocks that restrict them from focusing on customer experience. The foremost reason is sheer negligence as many brands are not aware of the benefits of leveraging customer experience to stay and thrive in business. Others lack the knowledge to wield customer experience to drive sales and build loyalty with impactful strategies. Even if some brands have a sound strategy in place, they lack the technology or it becomes very expensive to focus on other areas other than core operations of product development, marketing and more.

Fortunately, a tech-enabled 3PL like Eshopbox can help you rise above all the factors that make it hard to deliver a great customer experience. Let’s see how.

How Eshopbox creates the best Customer Experience (CX)?

1. PAN India reach

One of the most dreadful experiences customers have to face is checking if a brand delivers orders to specific pin codes. All their excitement of trying a new product by a new brand goes in vain after discovering that the order cannot be shipped quickly or shipped at all. Moreover, the effort you put into luring them into your product listing also goes in vain.

As a solution, you can store your inventory in Eshopbox’s network of fulfilment centres across India. Moreover, Eshopbox has tie-ups with major and multiple courier companies to expedite shipping. This robust shipping network will enable you to reach customers and deliver orders across 29,000+ pin codes in India while saving 45% on shipping costs. Thus, allowing you to offer your products to a larger customer base and deliver orders without worrying about geographic boundaries.

Crozzo delivers orders across India
Crozzo delivers orders across India

2. Ultra-fast shipping

Shipping standards have touched new heights nowadays as customers want ultra-fast shipping with their online orders as a standard service. However, providing lightning-fast shipping speed proves to be a costly affair for ecommerce brands.

As a solution, you can partner up with Eshopbox to offer same-day delivery, next-day delivery and other express delivery options to customers across India.

Same-day shipping by igp gifts
Same-day shipping by igp gifts

3. Real-time tracking

Customers have become accustomed to having a high level of visibility into their orders. In fact, 97% of customers expect the ability to monitor their orders throughout every step of the shipping process. Live order tracking can help you keep up with ever-growing customer expectations and elevate the customer experience.

Eshopbox enables you to enhance the customer experience by giving your customers full visibility of their orders at every stage of order fulfilment—order received, order packed, shipped, in transit, out for delivery, and delivered. Even in case of a return, refund or exchange, your customers are fully informed.

Zara provides real-time tracking
Zara provides real-time tracking

4. Proactive notifications

82% of consumers state that it’s important for ecommerce brands to proactively communicate every order fulfilment and delivery stage. In fact, engaging with your customers at regular intervals of the order delivery lifecycle can save you from multiple WISMO (where is my order) calls, a negative customer experience, and a ruined brand reputation.

To your rescue, Eshopbox triggers proactive notifications of order updates to customers via SMS and e-mail. You can also manage and customise notifications by selecting when you wish to send a notification to your customers.

Proactive order updates by Nike
Proactive order updates by Nike

5. On-time delivery

Promising fast shipping is one thing but ensuring fast shipping every time is completely different thing. Let’s imagine a situation where you added a fast shipping badge on your website claiming you’ll deliver the order in 1 day. Unfortunately, due to high order volume your order processing speed slips down, making it impossible to ship and deliver the order in the specific time period. Such a scenario where the customer is all excited to receive the order in such a short time will be unhappy when the order will be delivered in the next 2 days. To avoid such situations, you must ensure fast order processing and mark orders RTD (Ready to Dispatch) on time. If you’re selling on marketplaces, failing to adhere to SLAs (service level agreements) and dispatching orders on time can lead to cancellations and penalties.

To your rescue, Eshopbox follows SOPs (Standard Operating procedures) in order processing and incorporates ecommerce automation so that every order is shipped and delivered on time. Eshopbox also sticks to the SLAs of each marketplace to avoid severe consequences.

6. Order accuracy

Order accuracy highly impacts the customer experience. Let’s have a look at an example to illustrate how. A customer ordered a red shirt from you but received a blue shirt instead. You don’t want to get stuck in such a situation in which customer experience is hampered, you’re bombarded with complaints and negative reviews on social media. This will result in losing not one customer but will jeopardise your future sales. These errors also include wrong size, wrong colour, wrong item quantity, damaged or malfunctioning items, and more.

Luckily, Eshopbox performs a quality check and deploys automation to eliminate any scope of error in order processing to maintain an order accuracy rate of 99.67%—meaning your customers will get what they ordered in the best condition.

7. Unboxing experience

In recent years, unboxing has transitioned from being an occasional delight to an online trend, and finally to a powerful marketing tool. Instead of a boring, brown, corrugated box, you can opt for elegant and refined packaging to stir up some excitement even before opening the package.

Eshopbox powers a fantastic unboxing experience with custom packaging. You can simply select custom options with Eshopbox’s flexible packaging rules for personalised or branded packaging. You can also add inserts like samples, gift cards, custom messages, coupons, pamphlets and more.
A great unboxing experience

8. Branded experience

First impressions go a long way in influencing a brand’s image, value and reputation and branded experience can help you make a lasting one. It creates a superior customer experience (CX) and retains customers by awing them. After all, it’s all about engraving your brand image in customers’ minds.

To your surprise, Eshopbox creates a branded experience in three ways. First, Eshopbox provides custom packaging according to the needs of your business that showcase your brand. Second, active and branded communication during shipping prevents WISMO (Where-Is-My-Order-Calls). Third, D2C brands have the freedom to create a customised branded tracking page to engage customers.

Branded tracking by Glossier
Branded tracking by Glossier

9. Self-Service Portal

Today's customers want their order issues to be resolved at the earliest—at any time they want. A self-service portal helps meet their expectations. It also provides online support to customers without requiring any interaction with a customer support representative.

With Eshopbox, your customers have access to the self-service portal, a secure page that lets your customers do a lot whenever they want. The customer portal empowers your customers and enables you to deliver a great customer experience at ease in the following ways:

  • Track orders in real time on a dedicated tracking page
  • Receive an estimated date of deliveries for their orders
  • Receive an estimated date of pickup for their returns
  • Initiate returns and exchanges from the customer portal
  • Access a tracking page that includes complete order information such as the order number, order details, and profile information
  • Request another delivery attempt on the customer portal whenever they want, without any assistance from the customer support team
  • Edit and change delivery information prior to shipping or delivery
  • Initiate order cancellations before shipping or delivery without any difficulty

Self Service portal by Eshopbox
Self Service portal by Eshopbox

10. Simple and fast returns

92% of customers say they will buy again from a brand if the returns process is easy. That’s exactly where you can drive loyalty. Such a hassle-free return experience will enable you to keep your customers happy even while returning a purchase. Otherwise, you'll be bombarded with hundreds of emails or calls from frustrated customers.

Eshopbox enables your customers to initiate a return request on the customer portal in a few clicks and get an estimated date of pickup for the returned product. This way, you can process refunds quickly while ensuring a superior experience.

Easy returns on Customer portal
Easy returns on Eshopbox's Customer portal

“We have seen a drastic reduction in WISMO (where is my order) calls due to Eshopbox's superior tracking experience and timely notifications. Customers can easily return or exchange their products without any team involvement — our customer satisfaction scores are higher than ever before.” —Akshat Singh, Senior Manager Digital, Blackberrys

11. Easy exchanges

As an extension of easy returns, you can offer easy and quick exchanges as well. Isn’t it a great way to woo customers? Let’s see how.

With Eshopbox’s customer portal, you can enable your customers to initiate an exchange quickly and easily. You can also provide an estimated date of pickup for the returned product and delivery of the exchange. In addition, you can delight them more by giving colour, size, and style recommendations.

Easy exchanges on Customer portal
Easy exchanges on Eshopbox's Customer portal

“The blend of technology and fulfilment at Eshopbox worked beautifully for us to deliver the consumer experience we wanted." —Kunal Sethi, General Manager - Ecommerce, Clarks

Bottom line

The importance of a great Customer Experience (CX) only continues to grow. To meet customers’ ever-growing expectations, brands must focus on identifying and addressing critical pain points for customers across the entire customer journey. After all, studies continually show that delivering a memorable customer experience at all touchpoints while always putting customers’ needs first can significantly impact your bottom line. Luckily, Eshopbox does it all to delight your customers.

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