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Customer Delight

5 ways to create a fantastic ecommerce order tracking page to delight your customers

Versha Kamwal
December 20, 2021
mins read

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As a direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand, your relationship with customers is not limited to their purchases. Instead, it is about nurturing and enhancing customers’ shopping experience until their order is delivered and way beyond.

Instead of just delivering orders, if you deliver a great shopping experience, your customers will return to your online store again and again. One of the ways to establish a long-term association with your customers is—empowering them with ecommerce order tracking.

While most emails and text messages remain unread, order tracking emails and SMS spark joy among curious customers. In fact, order tracking emails have an open rate of nearly 70%. This statistic clearly shows the pivotal role of such engagement. In addition, they lead to real-time order tracking pages where customers who are eagerly waiting for their online purchase get complete visibility of their orders.

In this blog, you'll learn about the order tracking page and how to create a tracking page that delights customers.

What is an ecommerce order tracking page?

An order tracking page is a web-hosted platform that enables customers to track their online orders in real-time. Usually, a tracking page showcases a breakdown of items in the order, shipping date, expected delivery date, and real-time status of the order.

Ecommerce order tracking plays a vital role in enhancing the customer experience during ecommerce fulfilment. If your customers are anxious or eager about when their order will arrive, you can send them a link for an order tracking page. It will keep them informed and ease their stress about—where their order is, when it will arrive, or if there are any delays or exceptions.

97% of customers expect to monitor their orders throughout every step of the shipping process.

Real-time order tracking
Real-time order tracking

According to Tracktor, customers look up their order tracking page an average of 3.5 times per order.

How to create a great ecommerce order tracking page?

Here are some ways to create an excellent order tracking page that increases customer engagement and retention:

1. Use a strong subject line

On average, there's an 8% lift in open rates of emails when brands use personalisation in the subject lines. You can also use this strategy for your tracking emails for re-directing your customers to the order tracking page.

Adding your customer's first name is a great approach. You can also add other relevant customer-specific details like what they purchased or the shipment destination to increase engagement.

For example- Natasha, your order has been shipped!

Furthermore, you can take this opportunity to express your brand's personality or word your order tracking subject line right to build customer excitement instead of using cut-and-dried phrases.

Let's take a few examples,

  • DELIVERY ANTICIPATION: Instead of “Your package will arrive tomorrow,” try “Get excited, tomorrow's the day!”
  • SHIPPED: Instead of “your order has been shipped,” try “Keep an eye out, your order is on its way!”
  • CARRIER DELAY: Instead of “Your package is delayed,” try “Sorry, we're slow!”
  • DELIVERED: Instead of “Your package has been delivered,” try “The wait is over!”

2. Give relevant delivery information

It's essential to provide all the relevant information to your customers on order tracking page. Whether the information is about the order status, a note about the potential split of shipments, or a link through to track their package, it's crucial to capture your customer's attention with all the details that matter. You can also include the list of items in the shipment, order number, size, estimated date of delivery, and more.

Thus, it means the more relevant information the customer can get from your order tracking page, the lower the chances that they'll reach out to your customer care team.

 Wayfair includes all the information in the order tracking page

Wayfair includes all the information in the order tracking page

3. Go for a clear and bold call-to-action

The primary purpose of an order tracking page is to enable customers to track their online orders. But if they can't find the link to track their orders, the whole purpose is defeated. Moreover, your customers should not have difficulty hovering over your order tracking page just to know the order status. So, it's essential to use a button with a clear and bold call-to-action, “TRACK YOUR ORDER”, and make it clearly visible right on the order tracking page.

Hibbet uses a clear call-to-action on the order tracking page
Hibbet uses a clear call-to-action on the order tracking page

4. Highlight your customer support channels

Your customers have opened your order tracking page and checked their orders' status, but then what? What if they have a question about your product itself or some policy. Instead of letting your customers go back to your online store and locate customer support, you can use your order tracking page to highlight any relevant support channels that can help them.

For instance, you can provide a live chat, how-to guide, or product-related guides, and returns policy to establish that you will provide your assistance to your customers if they face any difficulty right at this moment. Such information on the order tracking page is an excellent opportunity for the customer to easily engage with your brand, the product, or instant support without any hassle.

Brooks Brothers give support channels in the order tracking page
Brooks Brothers give support channels in the order tracking page

5. Add product recommendations and marketing assets

As stated above, order tracking emails have high open rates. It means order tracking pages are a great way to highlight your other products via recommendations. You can also use your order tracking page to imprint your brand voice, offer coupons or discounts, or other marketing content to lead your customer back to your online store.

Thus, you can encourage repeat purchases with your order tracking page. Moreover, an order tracking page can help you build engagement with your customers and deepen brand loyalty and customer lifetime value (CLTV).

Glossier includes product recommendations in order tracking page
Glossier includes product recommendations in order tracking page

Bottom line

Nowadays, ecommerce order tracking has become a standard offering. If your ecommerce business doesn't provide this essential service, you're missing out on creating a positive experience for your customers. With a custom order tracking page, your D2C brand can imprint your brand's voice and branding in the hearts of your customers, unlike the dull tracking pages of shipping providers. You can also use it as a marketing opportunity to impact how your customers view your D2C brand.

Most importantly, deliver a great post-purchase experience that is essential to retain your customers and drive business growth.

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