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Top 4 trust badges to increase your Shopify sales
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Top 4 trust badges to increase your Shopify sales

Versha Kamwal
March 22, 2022
mins read

The ultimate goal of an ecommerce business is to increase revenue. Everything else is secondary.

However, influencing online shoppers to make a purchase is tough—even though you have a brilliant product. Customers tend to abandon their shopping carts due to multiple reasons, such as standard (10-15 day) shipping, high shipping fees, strict or no returns policy, lack of security, and much more.

All this simply means that you can increase your ecommerce sales by gaining your customers' trust with seamless ecommerce order fulfilment and better strategies. It may not seem like much to some of you, but that’s a pretty substantial increase.

In this blog, you’ll learn what is a trust badge, how trust badges impact your ecommerce sales, and the top 4 trust badges powered by Eshopbox that can help ecommerce brands to increase their ecommerce sales on your Shopify store.

What are trust badges in ecommerce?

A trust badge is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a badge that you place on your product listing that instils trust in your Shopify store. They are can boost sales and satisfaction of online shoppers. All the major ecommerce brands feature trust badges on their website. If yours doesn’t, it may set off alarm bells for prospective buyers.

Here are some examples of trust badges:

  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Guaranteed safe checkout
  • Fully Secured SSL Checkout
  • Free shipping over a minimum purchase
  • Secure payments
  • Accepted Payments badges like Debit cards, Credit cards, UPI, and more
  • Accredited Business and rating badges
  • Free returns
  • Easy returns and exchanges
  • Google Customer Reviews and Trusted Store badges

Trust badges
Trust badges

How do trust badges impact your Shopify sales?

Trust badges enable ecommerce brands to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates drastically on Shopify stores. Here’s how:

1. Confidence

Trust badges instil confidence in online shoppers in the ecommerce brand, its products and its services. For instance, a product listing has a ‘secure payments’ badge.  It will build the confidence of the customer that their card details are safe and secure.

2. Reliability

If you use trust badges on your Shopify store, customers think that the business they’re dealing with is reliable. For instance, a product listing has an ‘easy returns’ badge.  This means that the customers can rely on the brand if they don’t like their purchase and want to return it without any hassle.

3. Assurance

Trust badges assure customers in many ways. For instance, a product listing has an ‘express delivery’ badge. It will assure the customer that the product will be delivered as soon as possible without any delay.

Where should Shopify stores place trust badges?

Trust badges can be strategically placed throughout your brand website to help increase conversion rates. For example, on your homepage, product listing, during the checkout journey and payment page.

Kylie Skin offers free shipping over a minimum spend
Kylie Skin offers free shipping over a minimum spend

Brilliant Bicycles offers fast shipping and 30-day returns
Brilliant Bicycles offers fast shipping and 30-day returns

Top 4 badges to increase your Shopify sales

An ecommerce fulfilment company in India like Eshopbox can help you activate badges that are crucial to build trust and enhance the customer experience for increasing ecommerce sales on your Shopify store.

1. Free shipping

According to research, 88% of customers consider free shipping as the top incentive that would encourage them to shop online more often. Moreover, 86% of the shoppers abandon their shopping carts due to the cost of shipping. This simply means that customers want free shipping wherever they shop. If you offer free shipping, you can easily increase your ecommerce sales. However, offering free shipping is not all easy— as you must cover the cost of free shipping.

With an ecommerce fulfilment company like Eshopbox, you can split your inventory in multiple fulfilment centres across India. It will help you reduce shipping costs drastically.

Moreover, Eshopbox's tie-up with multiple courier companies allows you to take advantage of negotiated rates and bulk discounts. Additionally, to minimise ecommerce shipping costs further, you can:

Thus, you can activate a free shipping badge by outsourcing ecommerce fulfilment to Eshopbox without worrying about customer location and by implementing strategic steps.

Free Shipping Badge

2. Express delivery, 2-day or one-day shipping

According to the Baymard Institute, slow delivery is one of the top reasons customers abandon their carts without completing a purchase. By offering express delivery or 2-day or same-day shipping, you can meet customer expectations and increase your ecommerce sales.

With Eshopbox’s distributed network of fulfilment centres, you can take advantage of multi-warehousing to reach your customers faster.

While selling online, your customers are scattered across multiple zones—North, East, West and South. With ecommerce warehouses located in multiple locations, you can ship your orders from the warehouse that is the closest to your customer location—enabling you to achieve lightning-fast shipping speed.

Moreover, Eshopbox helps you speed up shipping in the following ways:

  • Leveraging automation in the order fulfilment process with robust technology and following Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to streamline routine operations
  • Ensuring a streamlined pick and pack process for on-time order processing
  • Enabling priority pick and pack for orders that require faster turnarounds
  • Using expedited courier services
  • Optimising delivery routes by allocating orders to the nearest fulfilment centre

Thus, you can activate express delivery, 2-day or same-day shipping badge by partnering with Eshopbox.

Express Delivery Badge

3. Free returns

According to Invesp, 72 % of customers expect ecommerce brands to offer free shipping on returns. You can provide free returns to your customers by optimising the entire returns management and covering the cost of free returns.

Here are some ways to optimise returns management:

  • Adjust the price of your products and include the price of return shipping
  • Increase the average order value (AOV) by offering product kits
  • Increase the customer lifetime value (CLTV) by introducing loyalty programs and subscriptions
  • Turn returns into exchanges by giving colour, size, and style recommendations
  • Align the pickup of the returned item with an upcoming scheduled delivery in the same or nearby location
  • Refurbish and re-stock the returned product after performing quality checks
  • Combat return frauds by detecting fraudulent behaviour via fraud-protection software and implementing a quality check at the customer's doorstep
  • Send OTP (one-time-password) to the customer to ensure delivery of high-value orders
  • Raise a claim on the marketplace if the returned item is found to be defective or damaged

Eshopbox can help you optimise returns management to recapture your revenue, activate free returns badge and increase your ecommerce sales.

Free Returns Badge

4. Easy returns and exchanges

According to a study, 92% of online customers consider purchasing from an ecommerce brand if the returns process is easy. Eshopbox can help you activate easy returns and exchanges badge via a customer portal. This self-service portal enables ecommerce brands to deliver a great post-purchase experience at ease.

Here’s how you can offer an incredible returns experience:

  • Formulate a quick and easy process so that customers can initiate returns and exchanges on Eshopbox's customer portal
  • Turn returns into exchanges on the customer portal— when your customers have the wrong colour or the wrong size, Eshopbox helps them find the right replacement with easy one-click exchanges.

Thus, you can increase ecommerce sales by activating easy returns and exchanges badges.

Easy returns and exchanges Badge

Wrapping up

Ecommerce brands have approximately five seconds to build trust among potential customers. Displaying trust badges on your product listing can minimise cart abandonment and guarantees a conversion rate increase. However, only placing trust badges is not enough—you need a reliable ecommerce fulfilment provider like Eshopbox that can help you keep your promise and build customer trust in the long run.

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