Know how much your contacts owe you

Monitor accounts receivables to ensure steady stream of cash in-flows to operate your business.

Track unpaid invoices

See the most important information at a glance so you always know where your cash flow stand.

  • Check the payment status for each item that has been invoiced from Eshopbox fulfilment center
  • Set up transaction rules to track overdue invoices
Track unpaid invoicesTrack unpaid invoices
Refunds Issued but inventory missingDo not worry about inventory loss

Do not worry about inventory loss

What if refund has been issued to a customer but return is not received?

  • Marketplace may issue a refund when the returned item is picked up from the customer. With Eshopbox, you can easily track if you have received the inventory for such refunds
  • Raise a claim if inventory is missing and know if you have been reimbursed against the claim

Enable growth

Access to valuable financial information on your fingertips helps you to plan ahead and make fast, informed decisions.

  • Don't spend hours finding and correcting eCommerce sales and returns. Eshopbox provides access to accurate and detailed information of every item invoiced along with its audit trail - due date, paid amount, whether a refund is issued, refund amount, refund date and so on
  • Download all the information in an excel sheet. Use it to import to your accounting software. Alternatively, you can also directly integrate your accounting system with Eshopbox APIs
Enable growthEnables Growth

More features

Sales channel

Pay confidently

  • Take control and make sense of expenses
  • Drill down on your expenses to gain valuable insights
  • Eliminate hidden costs
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Reconcile payouts

  • Reconcile large number of transactions quickly
  • Automate sorting and summarising your transactions
  • Perfectly balanced books, without the hassle
Flipkart assured

Record your agreement

  • Don't fear complex fees structure
  • Expand sales channel and work with multiple vendors
  • Do unlimited fee revisions to record and track changes