Pay confidently

Analyse overall expenses, identify overcharges, and control excess spending to sales channels and your vendors.

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Have control and make sense of expenses

Reduce data entry and streamline everything from filing expenses to matching it with the agreed fees structure

  • Online marketplaces deduct multiple expenses from your payouts. Eshopbox identifies such deductions and organizes it according to the fees configured. Moreover, it will reconcile them and automatically identify any expenses which are incorrectly charged
  • Eshopbox helps identify overcharged shipping fees if any of the product weight, dimensions, or delivery zone is incorrectly recorded
Have control and make sense of expensesHave control and make sense of expenses
Deeper insights, better decisionsDeeper insights, better decisions

Deeper insights, better decisions

Drill down to get in-depth analysis of your numbers. Gain understandings that let you make informed decisions with confidence.

  • Get summary for multiple transactions of an item in an order. You can use it to analyse KPIs like gross margin per order, cost of returns, average discount percentage and more
  • Easily download all expenses in an excel sheet to gain insights like profitable categories, effective sales channels, sweet price points and more

Eliminate hidden costs

Reconciling expenses can cost five times more when doing it manually. Eshopbox keeps check on every penny spent so that you can focus on driving growth.

Eshopbox highlights unexpected deductions from your account like

  • Penalty charged by marketplace
  • Clawbacks
  • Previous period adjustments
hidden costsEliminate hidden costs

More features


Reconcile payouts

  • Reconcile large number of transactions quickly
  • Automate sorting and summarising your transactions
  • Perfectly balanced books, without the hassle

Record your agreement

  • Don't fear complex fees structure
  • Expand sales channel and work with multiple vendors
  • Do unlimited fee revisions to record and track changes

Know how much your contacts owe you

  • Track unpaid invoices
  • Track items for which refund is done but return's awaited
  • Don't spend hours correcting eCommerce sales