Record your agreement

Digitize your commercial agreements with all your sales channels and vendors at one place.

Accommodate any complex fee arrangement

Don't fear complex fees structure. Expand sales channel and work with multiple vendors. Sell diverse range of products from multiple categories, brands, varying prices and weight slabs. We have got you covered.

  • Accommodate any complex fee arrangement and easily record it in Eshopbox system
  • Configure usage-based fee based on per item, per shipment or per order
  • Fees can vary for different product categories, brands, selling price, shipment weight or delivery address
  • Use hybrid rule to combine multiple fees with conditions like higher of all, lower of all, sum of all
  • Selling a huge catalog with varying fees? No problem. Set rules in bulk
  • Some fees may be reversed in case of a return, some may not. Configure such conditions with ease
Accommodate any complex pricing strategy
Accommodate any complex pricing strategy

Change is constant

We understand that contracts are not static. Waiver during promotion, discounts on higher volume or any change in fees can be taken care of with Eshopbox.

  • You can do unlimited fee revisions to record and track changes
  • Eshopbox will reconcile old payables again if you make corrections in previously configured fees
  • Define the validity period of a fee and get alerts when a fee is about to expire
 Change is constantChange is constant

More features


Know how much your contacts owe you

  • Track unpaid invoices
  • Track items for which refund is done but return's awaited
  • Don't spend hours correcting eCommerce sales

Pay confidently

  • Take control and make sense of expenses
  • Drill down on your expenses to gain valuable insights
  • Eliminate hidden costs

Reconcile payouts

  • Reconcile large number of transactions quickly
  • Automate sorting and summarising your transactions
  • Perfectly balanced books, without the hassle