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Be compliant while expanding your business

Make Eshopbox as a seller on record and get the highest standards of compliances, tax management and fraud prevention so that you can enter new markets without any risk and complexity.

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Tax and compliance

Once you make Eshopbox as a seller on record, we are responsible for taxes and compliances allowing you to expand the business without the risk.

  • Invoices of your product will be included in our monthly GST filing for each state
  • We are responsible for managing following with the marketplaces so you don't have to:
    a. Reconcile tax collected at source (TCS)
    b. Deposit TDS on fees and
    c. Submit a claim to get TDS reimbursement
Tax and ComplianceTax and Compliance
Fraud PreventionFraud prevention

Fraud prevention

We maintain highest standards of order fulfilment, return management and payment checks so that you don't have to.

  • We fight chargebacks or disputes raised by the customer on your behalf
  • On inspection of received returns, refunds are issued automatically. We file claims for damaged returns
  • We reconcile fees charged by trade contacts and raise disputes in case of mismatch

Full service solution under one roof

Our gold rated marketplace accounts managed by trained eCommerce specialists will let you focus on product strategy and marketing.

  • Create and manage listings of your product on online marketplaces
  • Apply discounts and participate in promotional events
  • Track receivables and record payouts
Full service solution under one roofFull service solution under one roof

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Sell flexibly

  • Build your product catalog with ease
  • Take advantage of creative merchandising techniques
  • Ensure product accuracy by creating one place of truth

Sell confidently

  • Real-time inventory view across multiple locations
  • Robust scan based operation to maintain inventory accuracy
Sales Channel
Sales channel

Sell faster

  • Add channels with ease
  • Centralize your inventory
  • Sell where your customers shop