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Pureplay Skin Sciences is a new-age, value-driven beauty & grooming company that manufactures 100% vegan, dermatologically tested and cruelty-free beauty products
Case Study
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How Pureplay cosmetics delivers peak order volumes while maintaining the branded experience with Eshopbox

Pureplay uses Eshopbox for its inventory management, order fulfilment and for creating a delightful experience for its customers.

We work with Eshopbox for the fulfilment of orders and their solution has helped us deliver more than 300K orders in 6 months with incredible accuracy. We often run flash sale events for our customers which means 5X orders to pack and ship. Eshopbox handles these sudden peaks in a very organised way and ensures that our orders are delivered on time. We've been able to focus on the branding, product, and other customer-centric aspects of the business, as opposed to fulfilment operations which used to take up a lot of bandwidth earlier.
- Shankar Prasad, Founder, Pureplay

The problem

Pureplay operates 2 digitally native vertical brands (DNVBs) in India under the name of Plum and Phy. Digitally native vertical brands are brands born on the Internet. Pureplay has a maniacal focus on customer experience and unlike typical ecommerce brands, Pureplay controls its own distribution. By focusing on a singular product category and being obsessed with customer experience, Pureplay is able to capitalise on changes in the market quickly while delivering new products to the market with quick turnaround time.

With its products gaining more and more acceptance and increase in customer orders, it was keen on delivering a flawless post purchase experience from its website. It was looking for a partner who understood the nuances of fulfilment in cosmetics and would help build efficiency in its operations to optimise costs.

Being a startup organization, Pureplay was aiming to build efficiency in the following processes:

  • Bundles and kitting: Packing and shipping different items together effortlessly to match its consumer demands enabled virtually.
  • Next-day delivery: Flexible delivery times for consumers who need it urgently.
  • Automated order picking: Seamless flow of pick, pack and ship for maximum efficiency.
  • Peak event volumes during flash sales: Agile business processes to fulfil high volume orders.
  • Customised packaging: Add marketing inserts like stickers or samples and use varied branded packaging customised to order type.

The solution

It preferred Eshopbox over other fulfilment partners as it found Eshopbox, the most suitable for adapting to its business needs and that too at a reasonable cost.

Eshopbox understood the pain of Pureplay which included handling peak event sales and on-time delivery of its orders to its customers. The team worked on a customised solution that enabled quick order processing while maintaining the branded delivery experience. This solution allowed Pureplay to avail the following benefits:

  • Store products individually and build kits on the fly once orders are placed on the website.
  • Tech-enabled solution to apply custom packaging rules for varied customer unboxing experience.
  • Pay-as-you-go fulfilment fee based on its custom requirements which included a usage based storage and dispatch fee.
  • Additional step to insert marketing collaterals within the shipment for showcasing the Pureplay product portfolio.
  • Ease of operations during peak sale events when orders scale up to 5X of its daily BAU.
  • Custom rules ensuring no expired items ship out from the warehouse to its customers.

The payoff

Using Eshopbox fulfilment centres, Pureplay has reduced the overall delivery time by 40%, offering “2-day delivery” to majority of its customers across India while maintaining the consistent branded experience.

  • Ease of operations during peak sale events to increase its sales.
  • Seamless integration of its website with Eshopbox platform enabled it to sync inventory and orders accurately for smooth operations.
  • Pureplay was able to deliver 99.63% of its orders ahead of time, winning trust of its customers.
  • It was able to leverage fast, affordable fulfilment while showing off its brand.
  • With its fulfilment operations on autopilot, it could better focus on product design and development.
  • With Eshopbox “Pay-as-you-go” feature, it was able to significantly reduce its storage and order processing costs.

Eshopbox is systems-driven, responsive, and quick to implement changes to the system as well as physical processes based on evolving requirements. The team is quite responsive, and at the same time disciplined about systems & processes. For instance, packaging plays a very important role in our industry and they have implemented custom workflows to design great unboxing moments for our customers.
- Shankar Prasad, Founder, Pureplay

Before Eshopbox

Pureplay was struggling to scale up business from its website considering the various challenges of fulfilment in beauty and cosmetics. It was also struggling to deliver orders on time consistently which could lead to brand dilution.

After Eshopbox

After working with Eshopbox, it is able to deliver a much faster fulfilment rate while maintaining the same branded experience. It also noticed an increase in conversions due to clearly defined SLAs for order delivery. Lastly, it was able to work with a lean team to focus on its core business.

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