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Meraki world is an apparel and accessories brand that embodies simplicity in its design. Their focus on curated silhouettes and linen fabrics differentiates them from other brands.
Case Study
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How Meraki stays lean and focused by outsourcing order fulfillment to Eshopbox

Meraki uses Eshopbox to store their inventory securely, get orders shipped and manage their customer returns.

We wanted to consolidate inventory at a single point and handle multiple channel sales and order processing. Eshopbox proved to be our one point solution for the same. For a start-up brand, Eshopbox gave us ready infrastructure to handle the same. The agility & proactiveness with which the team at Eshopbox acted upon helped us get listed on all relevant portals. They took away the complexity of cataloging, order management, and fulfilment, leaving us enough time to focus on our growth. With the execution of the marketplace operations off our responsibility, we were able to concentrate on strategy and sustainable growth.
Garima Joshi, Founder, Meraki

The problem

Meraki is a new entrant in the business of fashion for the modern Indian woman and offers its products through curated retail stores and with its online presence on various eCommerce channels. Meraki had a clear focus- to deliver a premium experience around their product to consumers online. Rather than spending time on managing inventory and shipping orders by themselves, they wanted an eCommerce fulfilment expert to handle their day-to-day operations while their own team focused on building great products and marketing their brand.

Meraki’s ideal fulfilment service provider had to be cost effective, quick in on-boarding and well integrated with sales channels.

The solution

Eshopbox, from the outset, was a simple, turnkey solution that fit Miraki’s requirement. After getting comparable quotes from other 3PL companies, Meraki realized that the 3PLs pricing was confusing with many per-item fees, which were hard to grasp and calculate ultimate costs. On top of that, they had to bring in a technology vendor for inventory and order management. In comparison to the 3PL solution, Eshopbox had following to offer:

  • An easy to use interface to manage operations.
  • One system of truth for all inventory and order information.
  • One click integration with Amazon, Flipkart and Shopify.
  • Simple and transparent, pay-as-you-go pricing.
  • 15-day go live plan with account manager to complete setup.

The payoff

Eshopbox shipped Meraki’s first customer order on the 20th day of their engagement. With access to state-of-the-art fulfillment centers, Meraki saved on infrastructure and team costs to run their operations. All that money, time and focus has been invested in production and marketing to help them achieve higher sales across multiple sales channels.

After considering 3 alternatives, we finally went ahead with Eshopbox because it promised to simplify the complexity of multiple channel sales, the best service support with a dedicated Key accounts Manager to service our brand. The response we got from Eshopbox was equal to what a brand from any corporate house would have got. Right then we knew that Eshopbox is the partner who would care and give equal importance to our brand and help us grow the business. The dedicated Key accounts team, persistent Cataloging team, efficient and responsive supply chain team (Warehousing & Fulfilment) made Eshopbox an efficient and perfect partner for our E-commerce requirement. We are so satisfied that we are planning to shift our own web-store fulfilment as well with them.
Garima Joshi, Founder, Meraki

Before Eshopbox

Meraki was looking at various functions to manage an eCommerce business which really did not add value to their core business offering. Being a startup brand, it was a major deviation from what really counts: build great products for your consumers.

After Eshopbox

Eshopbox has helped eliminate staffing and property issues, cut down overhead costs considerably, provide top-notch technology platform and a strategic network of fulfilment centres that has helped Meraki focus on their business better while improving their brand outreach.

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