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How to win Flipkart Assured badge: The only guide you need
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How to win Flipkart Assured badge: The only guide you need

Versha Kamwal
August 24, 2022
mins read

Flipkart is undoubtedly one of India's most popular and leading ecommerce marketplaces. Flipkart currently has over 200 million registered customers with over 150 million products across 80 categories and delivers eight million monthly shipments.

Well, isn’t that impressive! Flipkart surely is a wish-granting marketplace for sellers. That’s why Flipkart has clocked over 420000 sellers on its platform. However, with the emergence of sellers, Flipkart had become prone to non-genuine products and Flipkart needed a solution to curb it—Flipkart Assured program.

Simultaneously, sellers have been driven to ace the Flipkart Assured program and announce the authenticity of the products they sell on Flipkart.

In this blog, you will learn what a Flipkart Assured badge is, the benefits of a Flipkart Assured badge for Flipkart sellers, and the parameters for a Flipkart Assured badge and how Flipkart sellers can win a Flipkart Assured badge.

What is a Flipkart Assured badge?

Flipkart Assured is a badge of assurance for products listed on Flipkart. The badge ensures two things— high quality and fast delivery. Products under this tag go through strict quality checks, then packaged and delivered to customers.

Flipkart launched the ‘Flipkart Assured’ quality badge in 2016 to enhance the overall customer experience—by offering products that are high quality and can be delivered faster than normal. This hallmark also enables Flipkart to put fake or non-genuine products under a strict scanner.

Here’s what Flipkart Assured guarantees:

  1. Assured quality with fast and reliable shipping options
  2. Free shipping on orders above INR 500
  3. Reliable order delivery and easy returns

 Win Flipkart Assured badge

Benefits of Flipkart Assured badge

Here are the benefits of a Flipkart Assured badge for Flipkart sellers:

1. Gives quality assurance on Flipkart

Flipkart Assured badge is given to genuine products with the highest quality. That implies that customers will be assured of the quality and authenticity of the product they’re buying on Flipkart.

2. Offers fast and free shipping

Customers around the world love fast and free shipping. With a Flipkart Assured badge, customers get their orders within 2-4 days with free delivery on all orders above ₹500.

3. Builds customer trust

Apart from product quality and shipping, a Flipkart Assured badge offers quality packaging, real-time order tracking and easy customer returns. All these features increase customers’ confidence in the purchase. Thus, an F-Assured badge acts as a layer of assurance to the customer that the product is up to the mark.

4. Improves product visibility on Flipkart

Products with the Flipkart Assured badge rank higher in search rankings on Flipkart, thus increasing the product's visibility. The higher a product ranks in searches, the higher the chance that customers will click and buy that product.

5. Increases Flipkart sales

With maximum product visibility, quality assurance and better shipping options, customers tend to buy products with a Flipkart Assured badge—increasing sales on Flipkart.

What are the parameters for winning a Flipkart Assured badge?

According to Flipkart, ‘Flipkart Assured’ products are sourced from highly ranked sellers, which are qualified and filtered through six levels of quality checks across various parameters. These checks include product packaging, product specifications, product ratings, the return rate of the product, and the seller’s ability to fulfil the order and commit to timelines with real-time tracking. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Quality checks on product

All products under the Flipkart Assured tag go through 6 strict quality checks between storage to packaging. These product checks are based on their MRP vs catalogue price, their colour and size, physical damages, and 100% data check on returns threshold, rating threshold, and seller cancellation.

2. Quality packaging

To ensure customers get their orders in mint condition, each delivery is packed in accordance with Flipkart’s quality shipping guidelines. Flipkart precisely chooses packaging substances according to the product type and packages them well to ensure zero damage to the product inside the package even after a tough transit. In order to achieve this, secure packaging items are used, like bubble wrap, air bags, paper, cardboard, and styrofoam.

3. Faster delivery options

Flipkart Assured products must be delivered within 2-4 days. Moreover, if the product is worth more than Rs.500, Flipkart also offers free shipping. Customers also get to choose faster delivery for select regions where their orders are delivered the next day via expedited delivery.

4. Reliable delivery

To give full visibility of orders to customers, Flipkart enables them to track their orders and get information on exactly where their package is.

5. Easy returns

If customers are unsatisfied with their purchase, they must be able to avail Flipkart’s streamlined return policies, which include hand-to-hand replacements and tech visits.

How to win the Flipkart Assured badge with Eshopbox?

The Flipkart Assured badge is awarded to sellers who sign up for Flipkart fulfilment and store products in Flipkart warehouses. Eshopbox helps ecommerce brands to win the F-assured badge without parting away with their inventory, ensuring strict guidelines and shipping standards.

  • All Eshopbox facilities meet Flipkart standards and strict guidelines to enable smart fulfilment for Flipkart orders and are also operational on Sundays and holidays for round-the-clock order processing.

  • Eshopbox’s SLA-driven order processing ensures every order is picked, packed and shipped on time, every time. Moreover, express orders can be processed using Eshopbox priority pick and pack service, which are marked ‘ready-to-ship’ within 4 hours of order creation. This also helps you avoid late dispatch and cancellations.

  • Eshopbox performs quality checks while receiving inventory at the fulfilment centres and at the time of order processing so that high-quality products are shipped to the customer and reduce the chances of return. You can also customise your inspection criteria like expiry dates, colour, product hygiene, and more.

  • Safe and secure packaging is a priority to safeguard and protect your orders in transit against any damage. That’s why Eshopbox chooses the optimum packaging material according to every product to protect your orders during shipping.

  • Flipkart fulfilment with Eshopbox gives you more opportunities to build your brand because it’s in your hands. This means more control over products and direct visibility of your inventory.

  • Unlike Flipkart fulfilment, Eshopbox has no upper limit on the number of items stored. Also, you don't have to pay a heavy penalty for long-term storage.

  • You don’t have to worry about Flipkart's strict receiving guidelines, delayed appointments, or barcodes, Eshopbox takes care of all by adhering to each and every guideline, process and requirement with strict compliance.

Wrapping up

Flipkart Assured is the next step towards the growth of Flipkart and its quality assurance. It has changed the whole scenario of online shopping because it offers convenient shopping for high-quality products. You can also get a Flipkart Assured badge with Eshopbox without storing your inventory in Flipkart fulfilment centres while maintaining higher control over your operations. Thus, you can build customer trust with better quality assurance and increase your Flipkart sales.

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