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Tata Cliq fulfilment: Curate a luxurious and seamless customer experience
Order fulfilment

Tata Cliq fulfilment: Curate a luxurious and seamless customer experience

Yukta Anand
October 13, 2022
mins read

In the age of social distancing, the online sale of luxury goods has reached an all-time high and is expected to surpass $200 billion by 2030.

Factors like greater internet penetration, the growing middle-class population, and the impact of social media influencers have popularised luxury products and made them seem accessible. By selling on marketplaces like Tata Cliq (known for listing luxurious products), ecommerce brands can cater to this luxurious market and drive ecommerce sales.

However, customers expect an ‘aww inspiring’ experience when receiving luxury products. Shoppers expect fast shipping options, beautiful packaging and quick returns, i.e. a superior shopping experience.

Thus, ecommerce brands need to ensure a superior customer experience that is so memorable and delightful for shoppers that they are tempted to shop from a brand again.

In this blog, you will learn about Tata Cliq, the importance of enhancing customer experience and how to provide a superior customer experience with seamless Tata Cliq fulfilment.

What is Tata Cliq?

Tata Cliq is an ecommerce marketplace offering a wide array of luxury products ranging from apparel to makeup, fragrances, and more. Additionally, the marketplace is known for offering genuine high-end products that are all the buzz at the moment.

Tata Cliq offers high-end brands such as Ted Baker
Tata Cliq offers high-end brands such as Ted Baker

Importance of enhancing customer experience on Tata Cliq

Customer Experience (CX) is the feeling a customer experiences while interacting with a brand. It includes touchpoints from browsing for products to placing orders and post-purchase experience. Thus CX includes ease of placing orders, unboxing experience, return policy, customer support, and more.

💡 Research shows that 60% of customers would become repeat purchasers after having a personalised shopping experience.

The benefits of enhancing CX are-

  1. A superior customer experience boosts ecommerce sales and increases customer loyalty.
  2. It attracts new customers as existing ones would recommend you to their friends and family.
  3. It improves and gives you a competitive advantage by creating a memorable experience for the customer.

How to provide a superior customer experience with seamless Tata Cliq fulfilment?

Are you wondering how to alleviate your customer's experience with your brand and get ahead of the competition? Let's uncover the strategies to do so:

1. Ultra-fast shipping

Amazon has made 2-day shipping the norm for customers, and they expect all ecommerce brands to ship and deliver orders at lightning-fast speed. Among the various variables influencing customer satisfaction, fast shipping is one of the most important.

With Eshopbox, you can ensure expedited deliveries by splitting inventory across Eshopbox's distributed network of state-of-the-art fulfilment centres. Eshopbox also follows an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) to automatically pick and pack orders while adhering to the SLAs (Service Level Agreements) of Ajio. This helps you to quickly ship orders to more than 29,000 pin codes on time, without a miss.

💡  According to research, more than 25% of customers would abandon their shopping cart if same-day shipping was unavailable.

Eshopbox has a distributed network of fulfilment centres
Eshopbox has a distributed network of fulfilment centres

2. Custom packaging

When a customer purchases a luxury product, they expect the packaging to be along the same lines, i.e. luxurious. Investing in custom packaging can enhance the customer experience and brand reputation. Some ways to provide custom packaging are:

  • Customised boxes with brand logo
  • Printed boxes
  • Custom tapes and ribbons
  • Brand stickers
  • Add custom messages and thank you notes

💡 According to Forbes, 60-80% of customers don't return to a brand if there are not impressed by the packaging, even if the product is satisfactory.

The unboxing experience has become a differentiator for ecommerce brands as customers are excited by the aesthetic presentation of products.

Here are some ways brands selling on Tata Cliq can stand out by creating a distinct unboxing experience:

  • You can enhance product presentation by aesthetically placing them, for example- according to size.
  • Create a colour contrast; you can fill the box with confetti or paper shavings.
  • Brands can show their commitment to the environment by using sustainable packaging materials like biodegradable peanuts.
  • Try not to place the bill on top of the product, as it can reduce the aesthetic value of the package.

Eshopbox helps brands selling on Tata Cliq to stick to the packaging guidelines of the marketplace without any exceptions.

💡 A superior unboxing experience makes 61% of customers think of a brand as being more premium, while 49% of customers are more excited to receive and unbox the product due to it.

Yves Saint Laurent has aesthetic custom packaging
Yves Saint Laurent has aesthetic custom packaging

3. Personalised touches

Adding personalised touches to the package can make a customer feel valued and connected to the brand in the otherwise impersonal process of ecommerce fulfilment. By influencing a customer's feelings positively, it can boost ecommerce sales and customer satisfaction.

Some examples of personalised touches to a package are:

  • A "thank you" note– handwritten or printed
  • Postcards
  • Stickers
  • Bookmarks
  • Free samples of products

With a robust 3PL like Eshopbox, brands selling on Tata Cliq can add personalised elements to the package like postcards, stickers, product samples, customised thank you notes, and much more to enhance their packaging.

Forest Essentials adds a note to the package‍
Forest Essentials adds a note to the package

4. High-order accuracy

When fulfiling orders for luxurious products, there is no room for errors in order accuracy. Brands selling on Tata Cliq must deliver the right product in the right condition as quickly as possible. Moreover, it is critical that packages are packed securely and reach customers in as pristine a condition as they were when they left the warehouse.

Eshopbox’s automated system ensures a 99.75% order accuracy rate. Moreover, Eshopbox's trained staff picks and packs orders properly and with utmost care to prevent in-transit damage and deliver orders in excellent condition.

5. Order tracking

Order tracking information for orders of luxury products is a must as it prevents anxiety related to the status of orders and WISMO (Where-Is-My-Order) calls.

With Eshopbox, brands selling on Tata Cliq can send proactive post-purchase notifications through email or SMS to engage customers and make them look forward to receiving their orders. Eshopbox also provides real-time order tracking to help customers stay updated about their orders.

6. Seamless returns experience

These days customers expect their return requests to be accepted, no questions asked. Tata Cliq ensures a seamless returns experience for its customers, but how can you make returns profitable for your Tata Cliq brand? Let’s look at the example of Eshopbox:

  • Eshopbox aligns returns with upcoming deliveries in the same area, so you don't have to pay for return shipping.
  • You can automate your returns tracking as Eshopbox syncs return from Tata Cliq to give you a comprehensible view of the actionable dashboard.
  • Eshopbox has a dedicated workstation for returns equipped with cameras to provide you with proof to raise claims on the marketplace.

Summing up

A cultural shift has popularised luxury goods and made them conveniently available. Customers can purchase high-end products within minutes on marketplaces like Tata Cliq. Moreover, customers expect their experience to be lavish, just like their purchased products. This has made customer experience more important than ever. By partnering with 3PLs like Eshopbox, ecommerce brands can deliver an exceptional customer experience and boosts ecommerce sales by delighting customers.

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