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Nykaa fulfilment: Build loyalty with superior beauty and cosmetics fulfilment
Order fulfilment

Nykaa fulfilment: Build loyalty with superior beauty and cosmetics fulfilment

Versha Kamwal
February 14, 2023
mins read

Nykaa is a premier online beauty app that allows shoppers to choose from over 1 Lakh beauty products and 850+ brands. Since its inception in 2012, this beauty and wellness ecommerce platform founded by Falguni Nayyar has become a household name.

In 2020, Nykaa became the first Indian unicorn startup headed by a woman. Now, the women-centred online marketplace records over 1.5 million orders a month and over 15 million registered users in 2021.

No wonder Nykaa seems the ideal marketplace for beauty, wellness and cosmetics brands in India. Although selling on Nykaa is fairly an easy task, the real struggle brands face is order fulfilment— how to ensure fast, on-time and cost-effective fulfilment that enhances the shopping experience of Nykaa’s elite patrons?

Well, if you ponder upon the same question, this blog is for you!

In this blog, you will learn what is Nykaa fulfilment, why seamless order fulfilment is crucial for Nykaa orders, and how to master Nykaa fulfilment.

What is Nykaa fulfilment?

Nykaa fulfilment refers to the process of fulfiling Nykaa orders, which includes steps like packing orders, shipping and delivering them. Let us have a comprehensive look at the process:

1. Warehousing - receiving and storing inventory

The first step of Nykaa order fulfilment is receiving inventory at an ecommerce warehouse, fulfilment centre or any other location. The inventory is stored there until orders are received and processed.

2. Order processing -Picking and packing orders

When an order is received, the respective items are picked from their designated locations in the ecommerce warehouse and then packed.

3. Shipping- delivering orders

Packed orders are shipped to customers’ delivery locations using different modes of transportation. Ensuring fast shipping helps Nykaa sellers delight their customers and increase customer loyalty.

4. Returns management -handling returns

The cosmetics and apparel industry experiences highest return rates. So when customers are dissatisfied with their purchases and wish to return them, they can initiate returns on the marketplace. Then the brands then have to pick up returned items and bring them back to the warehouses.

Nykaa marketplace

Why seamless order fulfilment is crucial for Nykaa orders?

In order to grow with India’s largest beauty retailer, Nykaa, brands need to play by its rules. Selling on Nykaa means access to a customer base of millions that consists of an ever-growing, highly engaged, beauty-focused audience. For that, sellers need to offer Pan India Delivery as Nykaa delivers 24x7 to all corners of the country and ensures customers are always happy. That’s why seamless order fulfilment for Nykaa is essential.

The various benefits of efficient order fulfilment are:

  1. Saves time through seamless fulfilment operations
  2. Ensures high order accuracy
  3. Drives down overall fulfilment costs
  4. Enhances customer experience and satisfaction
  5. Increases Nykaa sales and customer loyalty

How to master Nykaa fulfilment?

1. PAN India ultra-fast delivery

Beauty standards are very high these days and so are shipping standards. Luckily, you can keep up with such standards by offering same-day, next-day and express delivery with Eshopbox.

Eshopbox leverages smart inventory placement to store inventory closest to customers through a pan-India network of fulfilment centres and enables same-day/next-day deliveries to more than 29,000 pin codes at 45% less shipping cost.

2. Special attention to expiry dates

Beauty products come with expiration dates, unlike other products. This means you have to keep up with your product's expiration dates to ensure that an expired product doesn't reach your customer's doorstep. For that, you can ensure superior batch tracking to keep track of your inventory and trace batches.

Eshopbox fulfils orders at batch level by using the FEFO (First Expired First Out)method in which the product with the closest expiry date moves out first. This means customers get fresh products as well as products don’t get expired sitting on warehouse shelves. Thus, Eshopbox’s superior quality control and batch tracking ensure that you can stay on top of compliance by tracking and recording end-to-end supply and distribution.

Expiration hassles
Expiration hassles

3. Incredible order accuracy

Error-free fulfilment is essential for every ecommerce brand. These errors such as miss-pick of an item, wrong item quantity, damaged or malfunctioning item, and more, can highly impact the customer experience. So, ensuring the highest order accuracy is the goal to prevent unnecessary distress.

Eshopbox follows Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), performs a quality check and deploys automation to eliminate any scope of error in order processing—maintaining an order accuracy rate of 99.95%.

4. Complying with Nykaa’s packaging guidelines

Every marketplace has a set of rules, dos and don’t when it comes to the order packaging, and so does Nykaa. It is crucial to abide by these rules to prevent penalties and cancellations.

Eshopbox helps brands selling on Nykaa to stick to the packaging guidelines of the marketplace without any exceptions. Eshopbox's trained staff picks and packs orders properly and with utmost care to prevent in-transit damage and deliver orders in excellent condition.

5. Inventory management and stock availability

Managing inventory is fundamental to any business, from maintaining optimum stock levels to ensuring timely replenishment. Avoiding four major concerns such as overstocking, unstocking, stockouts and overselling is important to run the fulfilment process smoothly.

Eshopbox enables brands selling on Nykaa to maintain standard inventory levels at all times—preventing overstocking and unstocking. With proactive replenishment reminders, Eshopbox allows brands to restock and prevent stockouts— so that high-selling SKUs are always available in stock to avoid any kind of sales loss. Apart from this, Eshopbox also enables brands to eliminate the risk of overselling that usually comes with multichannel ecommerce by syncing your inventory across all sales channels every 5 minutes, enabling you to relay accurate inventory levels in real time.

6. Superior kitting and bundling

Kitting and bundling hold a very special place in both customer’s and brand’s hearts due to their expansive list of benefits. As an attempt to lure customers and increase your Average order value (AOV) you can offer kits and bundles on Nykaa with a proper kitting process.

Eshopbox offers two types of kitting options. First, a pre-built kit—a combination of multiple products that are physically stored together as a single unit. The second, a virtual combo—a combination of multiple products which are physically stored separately as different products (separate SKUs). Then, it's packed as a single SKU when an order is received.

Benefits of kitting

7. Live order tracking and updates

Order tracking information for Nykaa orders is a must as it prevents anxiety related to the status of orders and WISMO (Where-Is-My-Order) calls.

With Eshopbox, brands selling on Nykaa can send proactive post-purchase notifications through email or SMS. Eshopbox also provides real-time order tracking to help customers stay updated about their orders.

Nykaa order tracking
Nykaa order tracking

8. Stress-free and profitable returns

These days customers expect their return requests to be accepted, no questions asked. Nykaa ensures a seamless returns experience for its customers, but how can you make returns profitable for your beauty brand? Let’s look at the example of Eshopbox:

Eshopbox aligns returns with upcoming deliveries in the same area, so you don't have to pay for return shipping. You can automate your returns tracking as Eshopbox syncs return from Nykaa to give you a comprehensible view of the actionable dashboard. Eshopbox has a dedicated workstation for returns equipped with cameras to provide you with proof to raise claims on the marketplace.

Bottom line

Selling on marketplaces can be troublesome while ensuring high fulfilment standards and maintaining cost-efficiency, especially when you’re targeting niche beauty-centric audience. To your rescue, you have a tech-abled 3PL like Eshopbox to take care of superior Nykaa fulfilment that leaves you with nothing but more profit margins.

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