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How to sell on Meesho and tackle Meesho fulfilment like a pro
Order fulfilment

How to sell on Meesho and tackle Meesho fulfilment like a pro

Versha Kamwal
September 25, 2022
mins read

The digital era is bringing new players into the ecommerce game. One such player is Meesho. Founded by two IIT-Delhi graduates, Meesho has been growing steadily since its inception in 2015.

While Flipkart and Amazon have 200 million registered users each. Meesho is eying to have 100 million sellers on its platform and sell to a billion buyers. Not to mention, out of  9 million orders that are processed daily, Meesho accounts for 2.7 million of them.

Clearly, Meesho is the challenger that nobody expected would catch up with giant marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and more. Well, this is a piece of good news for ecommerce sellers as they have another marketplace in their arsenal to start or drive their online business to new heights.

In this blog, you will learn what is Meesho, how to sell on this marketplace and how to fulfil Meesho orders.

What is Meesho?

Meesho is India's fastest-growing ecommerce company with a mission to make ecommerce accessible to all. Today, Meesho has successfully enabled over 15 Million entrepreneurs to start their own online businesses without any investment. Moreover, Meesho has introduced ecommerce to more than 45 Million customers across India.

Meesho generated over 500+ crores in income for individual entrepreneurs in 2021.

Why you should sell on Meesho?

1. Opportunity to sell without paying any commission

You can sell your products on Meesho and keep 100% of your profit as well as enjoy a hassle-free selling experience.

2. Access to a customer base of 110 Million

Meesho is one of the largest and fastest growing online selling platforms in India that has over 110 million customers.

3. Over
700 product categories to sell

Meesho enables sellers to sell products across 700+ categories, making it a desirable platform.

4. 6 lakh+ trust Meesho to sell online

Meesho already has a community of over 6 lakhs sellers, meaning it is a trustworthy marketplace for sellers.

5. Zero penalty charges

Unlike other marketplaces, Meesho allows sellers to sell online without the fear of order cancellation charges with INR 0 penalty for late dispatch or order cancellations.

6. Growth potential for every seller

Meesho welcomes businesses of sizes from small to large and unbranded to branded, to grow their ecommerce business.

7. Exclusive rewards

Meesho gives supplier+ rewards to the sellers for the first 30 days including a dedicated catalogue manager, free catalogue visibility by running advertisements, no order cancellation charges and more.

8. Tools to increase growth

Meesho provides selling tools like ads to increase product visibility and boost ecommerce sales.

9. Access to business insights

Meesho allows sellers to use product and price recommendations so that they’re enough insights to drive their business in the right direction.

10. Ease of doing business

Selling on Meesho is incredibly easy but the main highlight is the ease of doing business on this platform—from easy product listing to 7-day payment cycle from the delivery date.

How to sell on Meesho?

Selling products on Meesho is easy. Here are 5 steps to need to follow:

Step 1: Create an Account on Meesho

Go to Meesho Supplier and create an account. All you need is GSTIN and a bank account to register as a seller.

Creating an account on Meesho
Creating an account on Meesho

Step 2: List your products on Meesho

List the products you want to sell in your supplier panel

Step 3: Receive orders on Meesho

Start getting orders from crores of Indians actively shopping on the Meesho platform.

Step 4: Deliver your Meesho orders

Ship orders to your customer’s doorstep

Step 5: Receive payments for your Meesho orders

Meesho will deposit payments directly to your bank account following a 7-day payment cycle from order delivery

Now that you know how to sell products on Meesho, let’s see how you can fulfil your Meesho orders.

What is Meesho Fulfilment?

Order fulfilment for your Meesho orders includes all the processes—from storing inventory, picking and packing products to shipping orders to your customers.

Here is a brief look at a fulfilment process:

This process can either be completed in-house (self-fulfilment), by Meesho or by outsourcing to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider like Eshopbox.

Meesho fulfilment with Eshopbox: A seamless experience

Eshopbox offers an end-to-end fulfilment solution to Meesho sellers, including:

  • Seamless integration for Meesho‍
    With Eshopbox, you require no developer effort, no custom integration. You can connect with Meesho within a few clicks, accompanied by quick onboarding.
  • Automated inventory and order sync
    All your inventory stored in Eshopbox fulfilment centres will be updated on Meesho every five minutes so that you don’t miss out on sales. Moreover, you can import all your Meesho orders into Eshopbox using advanced filters to import specific orders.‍
  • Powerful inventory management
    Eshopbox empowers you with complete visibility of your inventory at all stages. You can view, track and monitor your inventory by status, quantity on hand across the fulfilment centre.‍‍
  • Fast and streamlined order processing
    Eshopbox provides a quick pick and pack service with incredible order accuracy by following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).‍
  • Strong shipping network
    You can ship products to your customers across more than 29,000 pin codes in India while saving 45% on shipping costs. You can provide cash on delivery (COD), pay on delivery (POD), and prepaid orders.‍
  • Ultra-fast fulfilment
    You can leverage Eshopbox’s powerful network of fulfilment centres to distribute your inventory across India to offer your customers same-day, next-day and 2-day delivery.
  • Robust technology for business insights
    Eshopbox leverages advanced technology to provide you with a comprehensive dashboard with a birds-eye view of your business and real-time reports and insights for making informed business decisions.‍‍
  • Superior customer experience
    Eshopbox notifies customers about their order status with automated SMS and email along with real-time order tracking. You can also create an unforgettable unboxing experience for your customers with custom packaging.‍
  • Hassle-free returns and exchanges
    Eshopbox can help you manage returns efficiently, turn refunds into exchanges and ensure profitability by restocking returned items in the available inventory.‍
  • World-class support
    Eshopbox’s dedicated success team is always available to provide you with all technical and operational support, making real-time assistance easy and hassle-free.‍
  • Transparent and affordable pricing
    Eshopbox offers simple, flat, and transparent pricing for businesses of all sizes with no surcharges or hidden fees. Thus, enabling you to maximise your cost-savings.
  • Multichannel ecommerce
    Apart from Meesho, you can easily integrate other marketplaces (Amazon, Flipkart, and more) and shopping carts (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and more) while centralising your inventory to utilise the same inventory pool to sell on multiple channels seamlessly.

Bottom line

Meesho has taken the ecommerce world by storm. And if you are looking to grow on Meesho, you cannot afford to lag behind because of imperfect order fulfilment. Sometimes, it is easy to handle fulfilment in-house, but to accelerate your ecommerce growth, outsourcing the process to a competent fulfilment partner might be worth considering. Eshopbox has everything you need—from lightning-fast delivery speed, incredible order accuracy, seamless integrations, powerful automation, and most importantly, a companion who acts as a revenue driver.

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