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Eshopbox App


One stop integration with Limeroad reaching millions of users. Compete with wide range of brands to become a top e-commerce player with minimum investment and convenient solution

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How It Works

Use Eshopbox integration with Limeroad and use their exclusive features.

What you need

  • A seller account on the Limeroad seller platform.
  • Eshopbox Fulfillment centers registered as your pick up address

Using this app, you can

  • Track if any new listings are added to your Limeroad product catalog
  • Track if you have received any new orders
  • Update stock for your listings on Limeroad
  • Search for a shipping label and invoices from Limeroad
  • Marks an order ready to ship on Limeroad
  • Track if an order is canceled
  • Track return order in Eshopbox

Recommended Automations

Product and Inventory Sync
  • When you add new listings to your Limeroad catalog, marks products available on the Limeroad sales channel.
  • Change in the sellable Inventory in the Eshopbox fulfillment center, update stock on Limeroad.
Order Fulfillment
  • When a customer places a new order, submit it for fulfillment to Eshopbox.
  • Eshopbox makes the order Ready to ship, send a notification to Limeroad.
Returns and cancellations
  • If the customer cancels the order, send an order cancellation request to Eshopbox.
  • If the customer returns the order, send an order return request to Eshopbox.

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