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Streamline your Shopify order fulfilment with Eshopbox
Order fulfilment

Streamline your Shopify order fulfilment with Eshopbox

Versha Kamwal
October 10, 2021
mins read

Shopify is an all-inclusive platform that enables direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands to set up an online store and sell their products to customers anywhere.

And when it comes to fulfiling your Shopify orders, it’s important to make an informed choice. Especially when your Shopify store’s fulfilment strategy can make or break your business —as your logistics operations can slow down your growth and cut into profit margins.

Eshopbox is an all-in-one ecommerce logistics platform that helps D2C brand owners to fulfill their Shopify orders as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, enabling them to meet customer expectations, without a miss.

In this blog, you learn the reasons why to outsource Shopify order fulfilment to a tech-enabled 3PL provider like Eshopbox.

Why outsource Shopify shipping and order fulfilment to Eshopbox?

Easy integration

Integration isn’t just about connecting your online business with Shopify, it’s about automating your business operations and managing your day-to-day. However, integrations are often complex, time-consuming and require expertise.

With Eshopbox, integration is not a hassle anymore. You can leverage frictionless integration that eliminates manual processes. This means, you can connect your Shopify store with Eshopbox in just a few steps. You can link your store within a few clicks without any developer effort or custom integration. And yes, it is accompanied by quick onboarding. Moreover, Eshopbox’s powerful technology can help you streamline repetitive tasks and processes, such as syncing inventory levels, creating new orders, updating order status, and importing orders.

Automated order fulfilment

When handled manually, critical and repetitive tasks can become prone to errors and result in loss of efficiency. Here's where you need the power of automation to automate everything from basic tasks to complex processes.

With Eshopbox, you can streamline your Shopify operations with the technology that enables you to innovate workflows. As soon as an order is placed on your Shopify store, it is automatically pushed to the Eshopbox dashboard. Then, the order is picked, packed, and shipped from one of the multiple fulfilment centres. Eshopbox also ensures complete transparency so that you can track the entire order fulfilment process in real-time from the Eshopbox dashboard —from order confirmation to order delivery and even returns or exchanges.

Inventory distribution

Distributing your inventory is crucial to achieve a significant increase in shipping speed and reduction in shipping costs. However, effectively distributing your inventory is tricky, and various factors need to be considered.

Eshopbox enables strategic inventory distribution with an actionable dashboard and data-driven analytics to plan your ideal inventory distribution. You can split and store your inventory across multiple fulfilment centres so they are closer to your customers. This saves you transit time, shipping costs, and grants you the ability to serve your customers better.

Fast Shopify shipping

Today’s customers expect affordable, and lightning-fast shipping everywhere they shop online. Now, it's possible on your Shopify store.

When an order is placed on your Shopify store, Eshopbox chooses the fastest and most cost-effective shipping option— standard and express shipping. If you choose to expedite every Shopify order, you can opt for express shipping. Furthermore, Eshopbox’s powerful technology and network of fulfilment centres enables same-day shipping, 2-day shipping, and 3-day shipping for eligible customers.

Apart from proactive order updates via email and SMS, real-time order tracking information is also automatically pushed back to your Shopify store and shared with your customers.

Inventory management for Shopify

Keeping track of your inventory is fundamental to your success in ecommerce. The stock levels constantly fluctuate with every transaction and if you try to manage your operations manually, it will be too hard to handle and prone to human errors. You need a tool that allows you to track your inventory across your D2C business’s supply chain.

‍Eshopbox empowers you with complete visibility of your Shopify inventory at all stages in real-time. You can view the inventory by status, quantity on hand across fulfilment centres. Such visibility enables you to avoid stockouts and plan when you need to reorder inventory for your Shopify store. Moreover, you can gain insights into the performance of your Shopify store like slow-moving inventory, inventory turnover, and other ecommerce metrics.

Wrapping up

The success of your Shopify store majorly depends on your order fulfilment capabilities. If you are looking to scale your Shopify store, you cannot afford to lag behind because of imperfect order fulfilment that can result in late order deliveries, unsatisfied customers, and ruined brand image. You need a fulfilment partner that can help you delight your customers, enhance customer experience, and turn customers into loyal advocates of your Shopify store. For this, Eshopbox has the technology, infrastructure, and experience to drive you in the right direction.

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