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Multichannel order management: Your key to creating an elevated customer experience
Order fulfilment

Multichannel order management: Your key to creating an elevated customer experience

Suraj Verma
July 20, 2023
mins read

The entire customer journey, from selecting sales channels to delivering orders, must meet elevated expectations. It is crucial to synchronise inventory and order data in real-time across all platforms to guarantee precise and prompt fulfilment and shipping. Having a robust multichannel order management strategy is indispensable if you sell through multiple sales platforms.

In this blog, you'll get essential information and practical tips to help you establish an effective multichannel order management system and get started on the right track.

What is multichannel order management?

Multichannel order management involves overseeing inventory, customer orders, returns, and data across various sales channels such as websites, social media, and online marketplaces.

The objective of the multichannel approach is to cater to customers' shopping preferences and provide a smooth and consistent experience across all sales channels.

Benefits of multichannel order management

1. Sell, ship, and return seamlessly

Multichannel order management enables selling and shipping products from any location while providing customers access to their order history for a seamless shopping experience. Offering easy return and exchange options further enhances customer satisfaction and can lead to repeat business.

2. Improve customer experience

Implementing a seamless multichannel order management workflow enhances customer satisfaction by ensuring product availability regardless of location. It also prevents stockouts and backorders by utilising real-time inventory data across all sales channels, making the buying and returns process smooth and frictionless.

Improve customer experience
Improve customer experience

3. Simplify logistics operations

By centralising orders, inventory, and returns management, multichannel order management simplifies internal logistics operations. Third-party logistics providers such as Eshopbox facilitate the implementation of multichannel strategies, resulting in accurate and efficient order fulfilment, shipping, and returns processing.

4. Ensure a consistent brand experience

Multichannel order management enables maintaining a consistent brand experience across different sales channels. Whether customers shop on the website, or through third-party channels, they receive the same brand experience. This unified presence across channels fosters customer loyalty over time.

5. Scale your business with ease

Having an established system in place makes it easier to add new sales channels to your operations. Rather than starting from scratch, you can seamlessly incorporate new platforms into your existing strategy. This allows for quick and uninterrupted expansion without disrupting inventory management, fulfilment, and shipping processes.

Scale business with ease
Scale business with ease

Choosing a multichannel order management system: Eshopbox Plus

Eshopbox Plus is an ecommerce acceleration platform that enables brands to grow on marketplaces, D2C, and other digital channels. On this platform, brands get access to everything they need to succeed online with a dedicated team of experts.

1. Seamlessly connect and manage multiple sales channels

Eshopbox Plus simplifies integration by offering a two-step process with marketplaces and shopping carts. Through their actionable dashboard, you can efficiently handle product listings, orders, and returns for all your sales channels.

2. Streamline inventory management

Eshopbox Plus makes inventory management hassle-free for ecommerce brands engaged in multichannel selling. Your brand can make use of a shared inventory pool across various sales channels without committing inventory to specific marketplaces. Eshopbox Plus will help you sync inventory every 5 minutes and ensure real-time accuracy to prevent overselling. With efficient inventory management, brands can track and maintain optimal inventory levels, avoiding both under-stocking and overstocking.

Inventory management
Inventory management

3. Maintain a consistent brand experience

Extend your brand experience across all sales channels with Eshopbox Plus’s packaging solutions. This way, your brand can cater to the requirements of each marketplace by utilizing channel-specific packaging materials. You can set flexible packaging rules, including showcasing your brand logo and incorporating marketing inserts such as samples, custom messages, gift cards, coupons, and pamphlets. This creates a delightful unboxing experience with customized packaging.

4. Enhance customer satisfaction

Eshopbox Plus enables ecommerce brands to provide an exceptional post-purchase experience, delighting their customers. With an efficient distribution of inventory across India, your brand can ensure lightning-fast shipping across sales channels, reducing transit time and shipping costs. Customers will be able to enjoy a transparent order-tracking process through a branded tracking page. Proactive shipping notifications via SMS and email will help keep customers informed about their orders and an easy self-service customer portal will offer hassle-free returns and exchanges.

5. Simplify payment reconciliation

Automated payment reconciliation offered by Eshopbox Plus allows you to track payments and fees across sales channels effortlessly. You, as an online business owner, can easily identify orders for which payment has been received, orders awaiting payment, cases where fees exceed provisional fees and overdue payments.

payment reconciliation
Payment reconciliation

Bottom Line

Embracing a robust multichannel order management system is the key to unlocking an exceptional customer journey across all sales channels. Eshopbox Plus offer end-to-end services to do exactly that. With seamless integration, streamlined inventory management, enhanced customer satisfaction, and simplified payment reconciliation, Eshopbox Plus empowers you to unleash the full potential of your business. Step into the future of ecommerce and embark on a journey of growth with Eshopbox Plus today!

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