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from  ₹39000 /month

Sales channels

You can activate 5 sales channels

Fulfilment centres

You can distribute inventory in 2 Eshopbox Fulfilment Centers

Daily pick capacity

Your daily pick capacity is 150 includes 30 priority picks

Free trial
You get a 21 days free trial to setup your account.



picks / month
per additional pick
  • Pick and pack your orders
  • Generate branded invoice
  • Create shipping labels
  • Kitting and bundling


per additional pick
  • Accept your consignment
  • Measure weight and dimension of your products
  • Receive and restock your returns
  • Put away items in storage bins


Free Storage for 30 days
₹1 per cubic feet per day after 30 days
₹2 per cubic feet per day after 90 days
  • Storage inventory in our secured facility
  • Track your item movement in real time
  • Continuous inventory audits and cycle counts
  • Pay pro-rate for extended storage


% item selling price

Connect with any sales channel

  • Update inventory levels across all your sales channels
  • Retrieve order data from marketplaces and shopping carts
  • Push order updates to your sales channels

Manage commerce operations with a unified web application

  • Track orders, shipments , inventory in real time
  • Get unlimited staff accounts
  • Manage exceptions with alerts and notifications

Proactive Support and robust developer platform

  • Phone , chat , and email support
  • Comprehensive knowledge base
  • Access to robust APIs

Reconcile your payments

  • Book your payouts
  • Track your receivables
  • Arrest overcharges and incorrect expenses

1  For item weight > 1kg an additional weight handling fee of INR 2 per Kg is applicable on receiving and picking of items.

2  Flat INR 5 or transaction fee % as per your plan, whichever is higher . This fee is capped at INR 50 per item shipped

Recommended add ons

Marketing inserts

₹2 per insert

Add custom inserts like stickers or samples to surprise and delight your customers.

Seller on record

+1% of invoice value

Make Eshopbox as a seller on record and get the highest standards of complainces, tax management and fraud prevention

Learn about seller on record service

Priority pick and pack

₹2 per item

Want your items packed and ready to ship faster? Use priority pick and pack to enable quicker turn around times.

Learn priority turn around times

Custom services and configurations

If you have unique needs, Eshopbox can accommodate your business at an additional cost. All quotes are customized for each customer and can be requested once your account is activated.

Product inspection

Perform detailed inspection of your goods as per guidelines set forth by you. Low per-item fee will apply.


Repackage, relabel or refinish your goods as per custom requirement. Low per-item fee will apply.

Special packaging

Customize the packaging to enhance the customer experience. A low per-shipment fee will apply.

Special Projects

Any value Added services to enhance your fulfillment operations. Hourly warehouse labor rates will apply.

Non standard receiving

Perform extra activity to receive your consignment (e.g., container unloading, reassortment). Hourly warehouse labor rates will apply.

Read what are standard receiving guidelines

Inventory disposal

Dispose off your inventory and remove it from Eshopbox FC.

Custom Integrations

Hundreds of prebuilt connectors available free, on-demand. For other integrations,   ₹2000/- per hour of development effort.

Frequently asked questions

How do I recall or remove inventory from the Eshopbox fulfilment center and what will you charge?
You can remove inventory from the Eshopbox fulfilment center by creating a recall consignment. Eshopbox treats recall consignments as orders and will charge a per item pick fee and subscribed plan.
How does a 21-days free setup period work?
You start by confirming the plan and making a payment against your monthly subscription. Your free 21-days setup period begins from the date you make your payment. An implementation expert gets in touch with you to help you get started and setup your account. Your billing cycle starts at the end of 21-days or from the date we receive your inventory at any of the Eshopbox fulfillment center, whichever comes earlier. Some sample scenarios:
How do I cancel my subscription and close my operations?
You can cancel your subscription and terminate Eshopbox services as per the terms of the agreement by writing to support@eshopbox.com. Eshopbox will not renew your next month's plan once you have canceled the subscription. On termination, Eshopbox will pack and keep your inventory ready for pick up. You have to ensure that all the outstanding dues of Eshopbox are settled before you arrange to pick up goods from the Eshopbox fulfilment center.
How does billing work?
You subscribe to one of the plans and pay a monthly fee in advance. Every plan includes a certain number of picks. Picks are the items picked against orders (includes customer orders, recall consignments, or any kind of order for which we need to pick and pack your inventory). Eshopbox billing cycle duration is 30 days. A billing cycle is the length of time between bills. At the end of the billing cycle, you get an invoice that includes: Subscription shows the charge for your monthly fee. This is in accordance with the plan you have subscribed to. If you modify your subscription at any time, the new subscription fee will reflect in your next bill. Additional picks fee shows the charge for any overage picks above your monthly inclusion. Receiving fee shows the charge for receiving your inventory. Storage fee shows the charge for storing your inventory. Platform fee shows transaction charges for items shipped from Eshopbox. Add-ons fee shows charges for additional value-added services that you have subscribed for. Additional weight handling fee shows charges for handling items greater than 1 kg in weight. Custom services fee shows charges for any custom work order that you have requested for Any applicable discount. Taxes, as applicable. You have 7 days to make payment against the monthly invoice raised on your account.

Apparels & Accessories

Baby Products


Beauty & Cosmetics


Fashion Jewellery

Footwear & Accessories


Headphone & Speakers

Health & Personal Care

Home Bedding

Home Decor

Laptop Bag & Sleeves


Medical Supplies

Mobile & Accessories

Pet Products



Travel Accessories



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